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Life as an Account Manager at Tanzu Labs

“I want to become Japan’s leading expert in Agile software development. I love working at Tanzu Labs because it is an exciting and run place to work and to learn!” – Hyunjung Min, Account Manager at VMware 

Hyunjung Min, Account Manager at VMware Tanzu Labs

VMware Careers: Why did you decide to join VMware? 

Hyunjung: Firstly, I was looking for a company that knows how to recognize employees’ hard work. Secondly, I wanted to utilize my English skills in a global environment. Lastly, I thought it sounded like a fun job during the interview. I had been involved in agile development at a previous job and could tell how much fun it was. I think joining VMware was one of my best decisions since I got the opportunity to work with my manager, Roz Gregory. She is powerful and passionate, and I have a lot to learn from her. Whenever I have a problem, she tries to solve it with me, and all team members are happy working with her. 

VMware Careers: What is the best thing about working at VMware? 

Hyunjung: The best thing about working here is the workplace diversity, strong EPIC2 values, and the open-minded culture of all the sales and Solution Engineer people I’ve worked with. 

VMware Careers: What attracted you to the Account Manager position at Tanzu Labs? 

Hyunjung: There are many things that are attractive about working at Tanzu Labs. It is a global team, so there is diversity in working with people from diverse cultures. We have a lot to learn from the top people in the industry. You can learn about global case studies. You get to develop wisdom as well as knowledge. There are available resources like videos and recordings on how to generate innovative ideas, and you can learn new skills by watching them. I appreciate it because I can learn while I work. We also have a communications workshop where we learn verbal skills that I get to put into practice when I talk to my clients. 

VMware Careers: How did the post-employment training courses help you get better at your job? 

Hyunjung: I appreciate that VMware offers e-learning so we can undergo training during the pandemic, but I still find on-the-job training more practical and useful. I arranged 1-on-1 sessions immediately after joining the company so that I could be proactive and get involved with the people I am working with. I eventually got used to the work with the support of the Sales Director at Tanzu and the Client Solutions Architect at Professional Services Organization. 

VMware Careers: What is your greatest achievement in your role, so far? 

Hyunjung: I recently signed a major deal. One of the reasons for my success was that my team at Tanzu Labs made sure that we always utilized our potential as individuals and as a team. I just approached the right people, gathered information, and made good use of this information. We have a team meeting once a week, where we exchange ideas, and help each other. 

VMware Careers: What is your message to interested applicants for the position of Account Manager at Tanzu Labs? 

Hyunjung: Agile software development is a profound and dynamic study. New things will come up whether you’re ready to learn them or not. It is a meaningful job that can change not only in Japan, but all over the world – which makes it is very rewarding. 

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