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Learnings from being a VMware Campus Ambassador

The VMware Campus Ambassador Program is a six-month program for talented, ingenious, and resourceful university students to represent VMware on university campuses. VMware Careers sat down with Mia, a VMware Campus Ambassador from Ireland to learn about her journey and process here at the program.

VMware Careers: Tell us a bit about yourself, what you’re studying and what motivated you to be a Campus Ambassador at VMware! 

Mia: My name is Mia, and I am a second-year Business Information Systems student at Munster Technological University. I enjoy listening to music in my spare time. I decided I wanted to be a Campus Ambassador at VMware to better myself and gain insight into the working world. I wanted to gain some experience before starting my placement next year and to learn about VMware and what it has to offer.  

VMware Careers: What has been the most rewarding part of being a Campus Ambassador?

Mia: This has been a challenging year regarding COVID and this is the first program that’s run in EMEA. Despite such difficulties regarding COVID and this program being run in a virtual context, the most rewarding part for me was being part of a team and meeting new people who were so knowledgeable and eager to share their knowledge with me. I found the research project most rewarding as it made me feel as though I have made an impact in VMware.  

VMware Careers: What have you gotten up to and taken part in?  

Mia: I have taken part in career fairs and had the opportunity to talk to people about VMware. I have made a few TikToks for VMware’s social media which was really fun! I enjoy making TikToks so this was something I found really enjoyable to do. I am currently taking part in a research project with another Campus Ambassador and I was lucky enough to shadow two people working with the company where they showed me what they do in their day-to-day life. 

VMware Careers: How has VMware invested in you throughout the program?  

Mia: VMware was really invested in me throughout the program from SWAG items, shadowing people in the Business, to being involved in other intern events. My mentor has always kept in touch and is always eager to answer any questions I might have, and they provided us with CV and LinkedIn training which was super helpful.  

VMware Careers: Would you recommend people sign up to be Campus Ambassadors in the future?  

Mia: I would definitely recommend people to sign up for the Campus Ambassador program. It’s a great opportunity for students to gain insight into the working world, build confidence, and better themselves. The program is really rewarding and it’s also enjoyable as there is no pressure placed on you. I feel I have a great advantage after taking part in this program and it was an enjoyable experience to have a glimpse into VMware. 

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