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VMware Interview Preparation

VMware Interview Preparation: Innovation, The Heart of our Company Culture

‘Innovate in everything!’ has become a unifying mantra for us. It’s a rallying cry that inspires us to be curious, push boundaries, and implement bold ideas.

Our History | Transform Everywhere

When VMware was founded in 1998, five founders set out to do what others said was impossible. 20 years later virtualization software has become the backbone of 99% of Fortune 500 companies in IT infrastructure and the digital foundation for the future.

Learn more about the VMware timeline.

Unlocking the Power of Technology

Connecting, managing and automating the world’s digital infrastructure. Learn more about what we do.


As a global technology leader, we believe it’s both a responsibility and an opportunity to create a net positive impact in the world and for the world, particularly when it comes to the environment and society.

VMware is committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions for our operations and supply chain by 2030 as part of our Environmental, Social and Governance strategy. Our net zero goal builds on approved science-based targets and expands the scope of our climate commitments to enable employees, customers and partners to act even as the definition of a net zero future evolves.

Check out our dedicated sustainability site here and learn more about our journey to net zero.

Read the VMware Global Impact Report 2020

The Story of VMware Inclusion

Making VMware more diverse, equitable and inclusive for our employees, customers and communities is fundamental to who we are. We believe it’s also essential to our success. That’s why achieving and measuring real change and meaningful impact are key components of our business-led 2030 Agenda.

Check out our dedicated diversity, equity, and inclusion site here.


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