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My Exciting and Transformative First Months at VMware

The VMware Flight program was launched to provide support to VMware’s early-in-career employees globally. The program is designed to give employees the tools and support they need to “take flight” and kickstart a successful career at VMware. 

Over the next year, we will connect with many VMware Flight employees in different teams and regions around the world. They will share their perspective as they navigate the early stages of their career at VMware. In this feature, we will shine the spotlight on our Franchise Customer Success Operations Analyst, Hannah Kruglikov. Read on to get to know how she adapted to a new role and team. 

If you had asked me during my senior year of college what I wanted to do after graduation, I would have told you that I wanted to do, well, whatever you were interviewing me to do. That said, I did have some inklings: I wanted to work with data, and I wanted to bring some human elements to it. And I wanted to work for a company that was working towards the greater good in the world. But mostly, whatever you were interviewing me to do.  

Despite my willingness to ignore those inklings to secure something (anything!), here I am somehow entering my third month in a job that checks every box that I had in my head, and I feel incredibly lucky to be here, as a Customer Success Operations Analyst at VMware.  

My full title is Franchise Customer Success Operations Analyst for EUC (End User Computing). I admit I did not know what it meant, either. But what I have come to understand it to mean—a definition which I am sure will evolve as I grow more into my role here—is that I am here to make it easier for our Customer Success team to deliver value to our EUC customers, using data. 

My team is fairly new, so this process is anything but monotonous. New projects are constantly being designed and pitched and new features created, and I have not once had the feeling that we are just performing maintenance here. There is a buzz of eagerness in every (zoom) room to make things run just a bit better tomorrow than they do today, and it is impossible not to be inspired and energized by it. 

What do I do day-to-day? A little bit of everything. 

I have one project that I update every week, and the rest depends on the needs of the week, the day, or the moment. I have worked on some projects that lasted weeks, and some that lasted just a couple of days. I have worked in Excel, R, SQL, and Figma, all of which I had either never used before, or had not used in years. It is amazing how quickly you can learn when you just need to get something done, and it is very gratifying to know that I am developing valuable new skills every day. Today, a mockup in Figma, some queries in SQL, and some analysis in Excel. Tomorrow, who knows? 

What I do know is that I will be doing it alongside amazing people.  

Every coworker I have had the pleasure of sharing a zoom room with has been enthusiastic and kind—eager to make me feel comfortable and help me to grow both as a person and as a professional. They have been supportive in a way which I would never have expected in a corporate environment such as this, but which I could not imagine these past few months without No question is too small or simple, no deliverable unimportant, and no need for confirmation scoffed at. 

In meetings and social hours, people half a corporate ladder above me have treated me with endless warmth and have always made me feel like a valued member of the team—even in my first few weeks when all I could do was listen and try to absorb everything around me. They have encouraged and created space for me in the areas where I am comfortable, and gently nudged me in the areas where I am not. VMware preaches bringing your authentic self to work, and we are lucky to have a lot of truly, authentically wonderful people here. 

My first few months at VMware have been exciting and transformative, and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me—I am sure it will be EPIC2. 

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