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How VMware Soared My New Graduate Journey

The VMware Flight program was created to assist VMware’s early-in-career employees globally by giving them the tools and support they need to “take flight” and launch a successful career at VMware.  

Over the next year, we will connect with many VMware Flight employees in different teams and regions around the world. They will share their perspective as they navigate the early stages of their career at VMware. In this feature, we asked our Technical Account Manager, Mariel Formoso, to share her story. Read on to get to know how she adapted to a new role and team. 

In July 2021 I joined the Graduate Program that VMware runs for the EMEA region as a Technical Account Manager (TAM). I was excited to start after some months of waiting since the time they accepted me. But I was also nervous. What If I didn’t meet the expectations of the role or what If the role didn’t meet my expectations? I don’t come exactly from an IT background, so everything felt new for me. I did not want to be disappointed. 

From the first zoom call of the graduate program, I already felt the support of a team of professionals who were telling us their career stories and how VMware helped them to develop in their careers and in their personal lives. And like that, the 6-week foundation program started, and I met all the other graduates. I started to understand the greater picture that VMware’s Digital Transformation provides for its clients and for the tech industry in general. I have never experienced such an environment of support, diversity, mental health, and work-personal life integration in a company, and they really meant it when they said I could bring my true self to work. Following the Foundation training, EMEA TAMs were introduced to TAM roles and tools that we would use in the future; we were even given simple tasks from a typical day as a TAM. We learned a lot and I met great TAM colleagues around EMEA. 

The experience of the Academy left me with a good prospect of what was coming and so I started getting to know my team in Spain. I began designing along with my manager and mentor what would be a good learning path for me before I started handling clients. There is a lot of training to do as a graduate TAM: certifications, technical courses, tools, soft-skill sessions, etc. I must admit that it could be overwhelming at times, but I was eager to start. All this learning was wrapped up by the frenzy of VMworld 2021, where I signed up to be a moderator and got the vibe of the event and the weight of it in the virtualization industry. 

Around October I passed my first VMware certification and I started having some initial contact with clients under other TAM colleagues’ wings. I understood the processes of engagement with a customer and how the TAM is really a role where you develop a trusting relationship and you act on behalf of both VMware and the customer interests, seeking a middle ground. 

As of now, I have realized how lucky I am to be part of this organization. First, my team is a group of great professionals who achieve more and beyond in their jobs, and I am learning a lot from them. Second, I am getting involved in VMware initiatives that caught my eyes, such as WISE, the MultiCloud Academy, GenV, and some others that make my job something fun and challenging but overall, make me feel that I belong to a community. So far, I have been loving the idea of EPIC2 days, and I enjoyed some time off to be with my friends, take a pause and enjoy nature. I would recommend and encourage young professionals who are thinking of applying to VMware’s Graduate Program because it’s an opportunity like no other in the digital and the customer service industry. 

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  1. Thank you Mariel for sharing your story and to share how #VMwareLife looks like for talented people like you!

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