The Infinite Possibilities of Citizen Philanthropy; Pi Day and Every Day

At VMware, we have an annual tradition of celebrating Pi Day each March 14 by embracing our core EPIC2 values and getting geeky about giving back. Pi is woven throughout VMware Foundation programs as a way to make them memorable and uniquely VMware. For example, each VMware person is eligible for $3.14 to $3,141.59 of 1:1 Matching Gifts for their nonprofits of choice each year. As we progress towards VMware’s 2030 Agenda, the infinite possibilities of VMware’s culture of service are front of mind.

VMware’s Citizen Philanthropy approach to giving focuses on choice and flexibility for VMware people to support what matters to them in the community. VMware Foundation programs enabled 81% of the VMware community to support their nonprofits of choice last year. That’s more than 30,000 people around the world! Showing the varied interests of our diverse community, VMware people supported more than 14,000 nonprofits in 102 countries through VMware Foundation Citizen Philanthropy programs, amplifying their contributions of time, talent, and resources. Here are some inspiring stories of Citizen Philanthropy in action that bring these numbers to life.

Please join us in Celebrating Pi Day and the infinite possibilities of Citizen Philanthropy today, and every day.


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