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Diary Of a New Graduate Member of Technical Staff – Raavi Mann

Our “Diary Of” series gives you a glimpse into a typical week of the people who make up our global community here at VMware. Meet Raavi Mann, an Intern turned full-time employee on our VMware Cloud Business unit at VMware India. Read on to hear what the first few weeks of her new role have been like.

If you ask me, applying for VMware was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. A few successful rounds of interviews later, I joined as an intern in January 2021. With Covid-19 Pandemic, I was anxious about how things would end up, especially with me transitioning virtually from student life to professional life.


The first couple of days kicked off with meeting my manager, mentor, and other team members. I loved the fact that most of my sessions were interactive and encouraging of my curiosity as an intern. I was briefed about my internship project by my manager. He also walked me through what was expected of me and my responsibilities as an intern beforehand to make the best of the internship. Having a buddy mentor at VMware was a blessing indeed. He explained the project structure, tools to be used for development, and user requirements. I was able to dive into some of the materials that my mentor had forwarded to me to serve as a foundation for some of the concepts I’d be working with on my project. Finally, on completion of my internship project, I was satisfied and happy with my work. All the hard work and dedication finally paid off when I received the PPO (Pre Placement Offer). It was a fantastic feeling indeed.


The thrill that I was to be a working woman kept me on the edge of my seat through my transition. My journey at VMware began with the new hire orientation and one month of NCG (new college graduate) Bootcamp.

The first week of Bootcamp, involved my orientation. This event introduced us to the company and its values. They also addressed HR concerns like benefits enrolment, business/workplace ethics, etc. Apart from that, a few training videos involved corporate security, privacy, etc., which every new hire had to go through. These videos ended up being more enjoyable than expected.

The following week was where the actual work started. It was full of training sessions—general training about the VMware products and research and development-specific training. At the end of this week, we were assigned projects which we completed in groups of 3 to 4 people, and then the last day of the Bootcamp ended with presenting the project to the management at VMware. Along with this, we had a lot of fun events that kept us engaged and cheerful. I also got to make some great friends.

After one month of Bootcamp, I went back to my team, and I got my first task assigned in which I had to fix a bug. Fixing bugs was fairly new a skill for me, but with persistent effort and good guidance from my team, I was able to understand the problem and analyze it. I was fortunate enough to be involved in discussions throughout this process and received constructive feedback from the team. In time, I was able to come up with an efficient solution that went into production. This helped boost my confidence. Besides enhancing my technical skills, I also got a chance to work with people from different corners of the world, which helped me build connections and improve
my communication skills. Furthermore, that enabled me to work more efficiently.

Now when I look at it, I have completed my nine months at VMware (6 months intern + 3 months FTE) in the blink of an eye. I have learned invaluable lessons that will undoubtedly spark my career for many years. I feel blessed working in an incredible ambiance. It is a perfect blend of learning and growth. I hope to grow together with VMware for the following years!

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