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Hello Programmers! How to Crack the VMware GO Hiring Interview Style

One of the most frequently asked questions this month from Programmers is “How should I prepare for an interview in the new GO-Hiring model at VMware?”  In this article, I’m going to take you through some key points that will explain this in more detail and what you need to know as an interviewee.

GO = Guided by Outcomes

GO Hiring stands for ‘guided by outcomes’, and is a new type of hiring methodology that VMware has introduced following a two-year journey of research, design and testing. Check out a recent VMware Careers Meetup hosted on LinkedIn Live with the creator of GO Hiring, Nate Anderson, and learn more about what prompted this new approach.

‘GO hiring’ is different from the traditional hiring models in three main ways. First, it goes beyond the format of having a checklist and ‘must-have’ criteria for the candidate and instead focuses on what the applicant can do rather than what the applicant has.

Second, it allows and encourages interviewers to explore how an interviewee would execute the work successfully. And instead of discussing key skills, our interviewers ask the candidate to demonstrate innovative thinking, their core strengths, passions, and motivations.

Third, after each interview round, data is collected and a decision is made based on whether or not the candidate is likely to meet or even exceed the performance outcome expected from the role.

So how does the GO Hiring interview model work?

1. Discovery Interview:  This interview type has been designed to delve deeper into your ‘past-present-future’ aspects. Ultimately, we are looking for your ability to analyse, deep dive into the root cause, take actions, execute and come out with the solutions that define your ‘future success’. Also, we are evaluating whether we as a business can meet your future aspirations or not.

2. EPIC2 Strength Round: The next round is based on the five pillars that define our core values: execution, passion, integrity, customer, community. The focus is on learning more about your natural core strengths, creativity and what motivates you the most. So, bring your own authentic self and help us see that you belong here.

3. Work Sample Simulation Round (WSS): 2-3 days in advance you will be given an ‘at-home project’ which will be similar to the actual tasks of the role that you have applied for. You will be asked to provide a solution and demonstrate how you have arrived at your solution. You can be as innovative as possible in both how you can solve the problem and how you would like to present your solution. My advice is to study the scenario thoroughly and follow the instructions, and do not wait until the last minute to complete this project!

As you can see, the three interview rounds have been designed to look at different aspects of your ability to do the work required by the role, ranging from a practical task, solutions and future success to your core strengths. We want to give candidates the opportunity to show why they are great for the job instead of using interviews as little more than standardised tests.

Keen to learn more about GO Hiring? Check out this blog post written by Nate Anderson, Lead Designer.


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