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A Walk-Through VMware’s High School Hacks 2021

VMware’s commitment to developing future leaders begins at the high school level. The VMware High School Immersion Program was created in 2018 to provide students interested in technology with opportunities to expand their knowledge and experiences. Through various events and workshops, the program offers resources to help equip students for future internships and career opportunities. 

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, VMware continues to engage with high school students from across the nation virtually. Earlier this summer, the program hosted its second 24-hour, virtual hackathon called ‘VMware High School Hacks’. This event aims to provide students with an opportunity to test their technical knowledge, learn new skills, and meet students from across the country with a mutual interest in technology.  

On August 2nd 2021, VMware High School Hacks welcomed 28 high school students from 16 different cities across the United States. Attendees learned about VMware as a company and community, participated in a variety of technical and professional development workshops led by industry experts, and collaborated in teams to develop a creative solution.  

As VMware continues to prioritize its employees’ wellness through multiple initiatives and added benefits, this year’s theme was mental health and wellbeing. The students were given a chance to develop a technical solution that aligned with our company’s culture and were challenged to think of how technology could play a role in enhancing one’s wellbeing. To complete the task, they had guidance from our eight-team mentoring panel which is comprised of VMware interns and new graduates.  

Out of the nine teams that competed, the winning team was a group of four students from Plano, TX. Their project was ‘Antiddiction’ – an app that predicts when relapses may occur and alert one’s healthcare providers to ensure there is proper intervention and support. It uses an AI model that takes data from the patient’s initial user survey to predict the rate of potential relapses. From there, health care providers and therapists would use a sister app to review their patient’s data and contact them to provide any necessary information or guidance they may need. 

Outside of programming, students had the opportunity to attend introductory workshops on coding best practices, public speaking, and resume building. They also engaged in Bingo Night, a social event that allowed students to unwind from the hack and get to know each other. Last but not least, every attendee received VMware swag and enjoyed free, delivered meals from UberEats throughout the event! 

The VMware University Talent Team, in partnership with the Office of the CTO, would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all of the attendees for making VMware High School Hacks 2021 a huge success. As we continue to grow and scale our engagement with high school students, we look forward to hosting more events like these throughout the year. Sign up for the VMware High School Immersion Program today to stay connected with VMware during your high school years. 

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