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What is VMware’s Impact on Cloud Infrastructure?


Have you ever wondered what the cloud is? Everyone talks about sending things to the cloud, saying things like, “It’s safer in the cloud.” While the cloud is not some mystical place in the sky, it is a little more technical and very beneficial. Interested in learning more? Keep reading. 

What is Cloud Infrastructure?

The cloud is a delivery and consumption model for infrastructure, software, and services. Businesses can deliver automated, programmable, and on-demand access to IT infrastructure and resources – regardless of location and provider – quickly, and with minimal friction. There are private clouds dedicated to single organizations, public clouds shared by multiple companies using the public Internet, and hybrid clouds integrating private and public clouds together. 

The Cloud in Your Day-to-Day Life

As you read this blog post, take a moment to think about your last digital experience. Is it happening right now? Was it when you streamed a video or checked your bank account online? Maybe it was when you video called your family, friends, or coworkers. After you pick an experience to reflect on, think about how it was for you. Was it memorable (in a good way)? Was it fast? Did you have a choice? Was it secure? Many of these questions are ones that we don’t pause to think about on a regular basis because we’ve come to expect them. Businesses have the same challenges, but at a much larger scale when making decisions.

How is VMware Making an Impact on the Cloud?

The cloud enables choice, speed, and security that wasn’t previously possible. At VMware, we believe that businesses should have the freedom to run any app, on any cloud, anywhere. Our VMware Cloud solution delivers multi-cloud services that span the data center, edge, and any cloud, including native cloud services. 

Three Reasons Why a Multi-Cloud Approach is Important for Business

  1. People use multiple cloud platforms 
  2. Cross-organizational use has caused businesses to demand more choice
  3. Fit-for-purpose workloads

Innovate at VMware

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