Meet the Hiring Manager

Meet The Hiring Manager: Laith Bahoshy – Senior Director and Head of Cloud Technical Services, VMware EMEA

Our Meet the Hiring Manager series allows you to get to know the people who grow teams at VMware. In this series, you’ll learn about our hiring managers’ career paths and what they look for in candidates during the interview process. This week we’d like you to meet Laith Bahoshy.

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VMware Careers: Laith, Tell us about your career journey to date?

Laith Bahoshy: My career journey to date has been incredible as I’ve had the privileged of having experienced both start-up and corporate environments. I started my career as a graduate working in a Systems Integrator before moving to a Software Start-up (Digital Fuel) as the 3rd employee in Europe at the time. Here I helped to drive a transformation from Perpetual On-Premise to SaaS. I was here for seven great and valuable years and in 2011 the company was acquired by VMware. At the time, I had given myself two years, before I would leave to go to another start-up,  however, I’ve now crossed the 10-year mark with VMware and have never looked back! 

The two major reasons I’ve stayed at VMware all this time are, one; the culture, which I will talk more about later, and two; the opportunities that I was afforded which aligned with my career goals and aspirations. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience diverse leadership roles with the company, spanning Core and Specialist teams, PSO (Professional Sales Organization), and Pre-Sales, and have also worked with start-up and mature businesses. There has never been a dull moment and I’m very grateful to VMware for supporting my development and leadership growth.

VMware Careers: How is VMware different from any other tech company you have worked for?

Laith Bahoshy: The biggest difference for me is VMware’s culture and the EPIC2 values we live by.  Every company has its own culture and identity but the one here is one where I can personally identify and thrive in. There is a big focus on trust, having fun, personal and career development, empathy, collaborative entrepreneurship, diversity, equity and inclusion, growth mindset, I could go on and on! It’s truly an environment that fosters a one-team spirit, and attitude!

VMware Careers: What has been the biggest lesson of your career to date?

Laith Bahoshy: The biggest lesson is the importance of networking and building honest relationships no matter what your role is. I truly believe that one can move faster alone but farther together!

VMware Careers: Your team is hiring. Can you tell us more about your organization’s charter?

 Laith Bahoshy: VMware’s Cloud business’ charter is to accelerate our customers’ digital transformation by enabling them to embrace a unified multi-cloud strategy that leads to better business outcomes for them. “This is all achieved through the expertise of our teams along with our productssolutions, services, and partner ecosystem – and we strive to do all this, while having fun!”

VMware Careers: If someone reading this was coming to interview with you tomorrow for a role in your org, what interview tips would you give them?

Laith Bahoshy: Be genuinely you!

Could you see yourself working for a manager like Laith? Click the link below to apply to an open role on his team or to other opportunities in his organization.”

Lead Cloud Solution Engineer – EMEA
Cloud Solution Architect, AVS – Opportunity for Working Remotely
Sales Specialist GCVE- Paris
AVS Sales Specialist – Munich
VMConAWS Sales Specialist – Opportunity for Working Remotely
Cloud Solution Architect – Opportunity for Working Remotely
GAM Sales Specialist – Opportunity for Working Remotely
Lead Cloud Solutions Architect – Munich
Senior Sales Specialist – Opportunity for Working Remotely
Lead Cloud Solution Architect – Staines
AWS Sales Specialist for SEMEA – Paris
AWS Sales Specialist – Dubai

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