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What is VMware’s Impact on Modern Apps?

Modern Applications — What are they and why are they important? You may not know this, but many people use modern apps every single day. We’re using them when we are purchasing food, paying bills, virtually collaborating with coworkers, and taking care of our overall health and wellbeing. So, what is VMware’s impact on modern apps? Let’s talk about it! 

What are Modern Applications? 

With access to today’s generation of technology, most would prefer having the choice to use an app to pay bills, purchase goods, virtually meet with family, friends, and coworkers, learn, and wind down with a good show.  The list could go on and on. But did you know that these experiences are possible because of modern applications? Modern apps are reshaping how we live and work, and the businesses behind them are transforming entire industries.

How is VMware helping companies modernize their apps?

VMware is helping businesses deliver better software to production with the products and services provided by VMware Tanzu. VMware Tanzu provides the capabilities and services for modernizing applications and infrastructure with a common goal — deliver better software to production, continuously. The VMware Tanzu portfolio enables businesses to modernize in a way that’s right for them, at their own pace. Build new, cloud native applications. Containerize existing workloads to run in the cloud for quick gains in security and manageability. Rearchitect and rewrite existing, business critical software to be continuously delivered and resilient. We are meeting customers where they are, and helping them realize better outcomes on-premises, across all public clouds, and at the edge. With VMware Tanzu, you can run and manage all your apps consistently on a secure, scalable infrastructure bolstered by a conformant Kubernetes runtime everywhere. 

So, What Does This Mean for You in Your Day-to-Day Life? 

  • It means that you can have amazing experiences
  • It means that you can receive real-time app updates
  • It means that you can have more flexibility and choice

To Sum it Up

Modern applications are playing an important role in our everyday lives. Sure, there’s a lot of technical work in place to make it all happen, but thanks to VMware, it’s gotten a whole lot simpler for businesses worldwide to create the applications that we benefit from each day. 

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