Meet the Hiring Manager

Meet the Hiring Manager: Arun Subash Manickam — Director, R&D

Our Meet the Hiring Manager series allows you to get to know the people who grow teams at VMware. You’ll learn about our hiring managers’ career paths and what they look for in candidates during the interview process. This week we’d like you to meet Arun Subash Manickam. 

VMware Careers: Tell us about your career journey to date?

Arun Subash Manickam: I started my career working for Cisco. Here I  worked on WAN, Mobile Router platforms that had ISDN, Serial, andDSL interfaces. I then moved to a start-up called Force10 Networks (acquired by DELL in 2011) which excelled in building high throughput network chassis using their custom ASIC’s. Subsequently, we transitioned to Broadcom based TOR (Top-Of-Rack) switches, I led most of the platform projects there. Having seen the immense learning curve in a start-up, I joined VMware SD-WAN in 2015. I helped to grow the teams across different functions enabling us to scale and provide 24/7 coverage, and I currently manage the engineering team. 

VMware Careers: How is VMware different from any other tech company you have worked for? 

Arun Subash Manickam: VMware has a strong R&D (Research and development) culture with a lot of avenues to innovate, cross-collaborate and learn. The company’s vision is well articulated and drilled deep down instilling the “Why” and “What” aspects of our products and solutions. 

VMware Careers: What has been the biggest lesson you have learned as you moved upwards in your career? 

Arun Subash Manickam: I would say keep learning. On the technology front, things are changing quickly and unless one keeps learning, adapting, exploring, switching domains, one will get outdated and find it difficult to add value to the organization and grow in one’s career. The role of a leader is very dynamic, it keeps changing as the team expands, transforms and one must be mindful of that. 

VMware Careers: Your team is hiring. Can you tell us more about your organization’s charter? 

Arun Subash Manickam: VMware SD-WAN India actively participates in product development cloud operations and provides customer and cloud services support. The core engineering team works across all components of the VMware SD-WAN product. The Edge and Gateway components take care of the packet and control path and are handled by our Data plane team. The Orchestrator component takes care of the configuration, monitoring, and upgrading and is handled by our management plane team. Edge Network Intelligence which provides insights into network health and application delivery is handled by our ENI team. The Gateway and the Orchestrator components run on the cloud and they are managed by our cloud operations teams. The customer support team handles all the customer escalations. The product manager drives requirements for the SD-WAN edge and services and coordinates the APJ (Asia Pacific Japan) customer requirements. 

VMware Careers: If someone reading this was coming to interview with you tomorrow for a role on your team what advice would you share with them? 

Arun Subash Manickam: I would share with them that at VMware here are plenty of opportunities across all domains and functions to work on challenging problems with the latest technologies. Right now there is a big push towards SASEMulti-cloud, enabling work from home, self-healing, and edge computing. Joining the VMware SD-WAN team in India will open you to a host of exciting projects, you will be constantly challenged!

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