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Getting to know Amine Hamdi — Graduate Associate Consultant

VMware’s Academy Program has an innovative and immersive approach that’s proven to provide the skills, knowledge, and mentorship graduates need for a successful career. Read on and get to know how Graduate Associate Consultant Amine Hamdi navigated joining VMware through the program in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

When I joined the VMware graduate program in July 2020, I didn’t really know what to expect. Indeed, joining a company during a global pandemic crisis was not an easy thing to do, especially when it’s your first job out of school. My new role with VMware was initially supposed to be an in-person role but it ended up being done entirely virtually and I’m pleased to say it’s been going really well!

VMware’s strength is that it is a cutting-edge company with pronounced expertise in virtualization, security, applications, and digital workspace. It only took me one day of onboarding to see this technological power demonstrated before my eyes. Everything was done completely remotely, whether it was sending the material to my home or accessing all the company’s applications via our Workspace ONE application. From day one I was up and running and ready to embark on a whole new professional adventure… and what an adventure it was!

For almost two months, I was totally immersed in the company’s EPIC2 culture. The acronym EPIC2 stands for a set of shared values: Execution, Passion, Integrity, Customers, and Community. I had the opportunity to attend many diverse and varied meetings that included presentations on the company, strategy, products, coaching workshops, fun activities (escape game, lip-sync challenge, quizzes, etc…), I also spent time meeting with managers and key stakeholders. It was an extremely rich experience that helped me to serenely integrate into VMware while getting to know lots of people. In addition, a buddy system was set up so I could be accompanied by someone more senior who was able to answer all my questions and help me whenever necessary. This is just one example highlighting how VMware is a company where sharing and helping each other is at the heart of our DNA. Everyone here will always be available to advise and listen to others.

From September, I joined the Professional Services team which aims to support our customers in the deployment of our solutions. This team is made up of Project Managers, Consultants, and Architects. After a period of technical training, I was quickly able to integrate a project. As a consultant, I am regularly in contact with customers to help them implement VMware products and solve the technical issues they may encounter during their digital transformation. It’s an immersive role where I have the opportunity to be really involved in ambitious IT projects and to learn a lot every day. In addition, we have a huge amount of resources available internally to continue to develop our skills. My role is very stimulating on a daily basis and I rarely get bored! Each project is different and is an opportunity to deepen my knowledge. For example, we work on setting up cloud infrastructures, automating machine management, installing network and security virtualization platforms, and much more!

The team continues to grow so if you are looking to join an innovative company that helps you grow both personally and professionally, this is the place to be!

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