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Getting to know Rubina Gonsalves IT Director at VMware India

Rubina Gonsalves IT Director
VMware India

VMware Careers: What do you love most about your role at VMware?

Rubina Gonsalves: I love to break down customer problems and solve them with data. I create, scale, and optimize business portfolios that matter. To accomplish this, I focus on delivering key outcomes, building amazing teams, and execute timely delivery. I was hired to lead IT Portfolio Management at VMware India and now I am leading IT Portfolio Management, VMware on VMware for APJ (Asia Pacific & Japan), Patent Strategy, and an Innovation Program. As well as all of that I now lead VMware’s Global CDTO (Chief Digital Transformation Office) DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) strategy, Women in Tech Initiatives, and I’m a strategic advisor for India’s special projects like VMinclusion Taara and VMware Nirmaan. What I love about working at VMware is that I am able to craft my role beyond my job description and explore other opportunities based on my passion and strengths.

VMware Careers: What impact do you make in your role/team?

Rubina Gonsalves: I and my team put the customer at the center of all that we do. I have been able to build insights into CIO investment areas, promote VMware IT assets that drive bookings, break down silos when it comes to Innovation and create a platform where folks can share their ideas fearlessly. A highlight for me is that my work has helped to drive an increase in invention disclosures by 400%.

VMware Careers: Share what you like most about VMware’s culture.

Rubina Gonsalves: The truth is that VMware enables everyone to bring their best selves to work. We have leaders who inspire and lead from the front and a community of people who care and are in it with you together. This supportive culture is driven by our EPIC2 values.

VMware Careers: As you work in a more distributed manner, how is VMware enabling you to integrate your work and personal life together? 

Rubina Gonsalves: Working from home has enabled me to be close to my aging mother, keep an eye on my child, and at the same time convert my commute hours into valuable time for the company. VMware has provided employees with an array of supports and benefits to help with navigating remote working. Things that have really benefited me have been the Wellbeing allowance that enables me to pay for financial planning services, the pandemic leave that enables employees to take additional days off during the stressful pandemic times, and the EPIC2 company-wide days that helped the entire company take a break only to rejuvenate and return stronger. I really believe that VMware has enabled employees to have a seamless merger of remote work and personal life.

VMware Careers: How has VMware allowed you to develop as a person as well as continuing to develop your career?

Rubina Gonsalves: I have enjoyed many positions throughout my career in international product management, engineering, operations, and strategy. I come from an R&D background and I can honestly say that the progress I have made in my career with VMware in the last three years is tremendous – more than I had ever made in the previous fifteen years of my career! I have been able to expand my technical knowledge in finance, data privacy, and operations. I continue to learn the VMware portfolio of products on a daily basis as part of the VMware on VMware program. Besides my day job, while leading the Women in Tech Initiatives in India I have been fortunate to drive VMware Nirmaan (our flagship event to bring together senior women technologists to empower, inspire and change the equation for women in technology). We have an amazing team of women leading programs like VMinclusion Taara, VMware Nakshatra (our paid returnship program for women), and VMware Nalanda (our university program). It’s the journey of bringing more women back to work and in technology that excites and inspires me to be part of the VMware family.

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