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One Graduate’s VMware Academy Program Experience Amidst a Global Pandemic

VMware Academy, a new graduate program at VMware, Academy Program has an innovative and immersive approach proven to provide the skills, knowledge, and mentorship graduates need for a successful career in sales and professional services. Associate Consultant Carolynn Zuzartee joined VMware through the VMware Academy program during the global COVID-19 pandemic — read on to learn how her experience went. 

VMware Careers: What made you pursue a career in tech?

Carolynn Zuzartee: Upon graduating, there was always one question on my mind: Which path would I choose? Coming from a multi-disciplinary background, having studied Business and Information Technology, majoring in Finance and Data Analytics — I felt some aspect of uncertainty regarding which career path I wanted to pursue, mostly due to having little prior IT experience. However, as I progressed further into my studies, I found myself drawn to the ever-expanding and evolving IT industry where innovation and creative intelligence was at the forefront of the sector. Alongside my interest in technology, I wanted to work in an environment that shared my values when I came across VMware.

VMware Careers: When did you come to realize that VMware was for you?

Carolynn Zuzartee: Looking back at the initial VMware Academy program assessment center, although I was nervous, each person I met on the day expressed a genuine interest in the work they were doing and got to know the candidates’ interests and professional abilities – a true testament to VMware’s EPIC2 values. At that moment, I knew this was the company for me.

 VMware Careers: How has VMware supported you in your role considering you joined the company during a global pandemic?

Carolynn Zuzartee: It’s been eight months since I started my journey with VMware in the middle of a global pandemic, and yet, I could not be happier! Right from the start, we were provided with the necessary tools to enable remote working. We were also given a magnitude of networking opportunities to interact with senior management, leadership, and colleagues. Furthermore, we participated in well-revised training sessions to improve our presentation etiquette and cover essential IT knowledge, which prepared me for the Consultant role I am currently in.

VMware is a company that has provided my colleagues and me with many learning opportunities. The Professional Services team combines people with several versatile backgrounds. This means we can collaborate and learn from each other to gain a deeper understanding of the work we are completing and the objectives we’re set to meet. That being said, we continue to face diverse challenges daily, whether it’s about learning new business operations or VMware’s digital foundation solutions. I am always supported by an approachable management team and colleagues that will set aside time to provide me with the support I need. One of the most important things I’ve learned thus far is to ask questions. After all, they are free!

VMware Careers: What are you most looking forward to as you grow your career at VMware?

Carolynn Zuzartee: I feel inspired to continue learning and developing my knowledge of VMware solutions every day through the immense support I receive from management, access to technical materials, and a collaborative network of graduates and alumni that I have been able to connect with on this journey.

Through writing this, I can hope that I can connect with future graduates who may consider VMware to spark their inner excitement for learning is a great tech environment. Every day, I feel fortunate that this is the career path I have chosen for myself. Although I am still learning and growing individually and professionally, I am excited to see what tomorrow will bring.

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