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Diary Of an SD-WAN Technical Enablement Specialist – Rohan Naggi 

Our Diary Of series gives you a glimpse into a typical week of the people who make up our global employee community here at VMware. Meet SD-WAN Technical Enablement Specialist Rohan Naggi, who joined VMware as part of the VeloCloud acquisition. Read on and learn Rohan’s story!  

VMware Careers: Share your background and what led you to become a Technical Product Manager?  

Rohan Naggi: My career began in the dotcom days of Silicon Valley when I started consulting at a networking tech giant, Cisco. I was a System/Network Administrator, handling labs for QA (Quality Assurance) and the development team. I used to get the network infrastructure ready for the engineering team to test their product; people used to call me a cable guy. I racked networking equipment and connected cables between routers, switches, and firewalls. I knew I had the technical knowledge and the drive, so eventually, I started configuring these devices. That was the start of my test engineer/QA era and over the years of my learning moved to an outbound role as a TPM (Technical Product Manager).   

VMware Careers: How did you navigate the transition from startup to VMware?  

Rohan Naggi: As an individual, I love working in a dynamic, startup environment, and VeloCloud being a startup gave me that platform. I don’t believe in the statement “this is not part of my job description.” I collaborate with engineering teams, the sales team, and give demos to customers – that’s just the tip of the iceberg! With VMware’s VeloCloud acquisition announcement, I was overthinking — I believed that VeloCloud would lose its startup culture once it became part of a bicorporation like VMware. But what came as a surprise to me was that VMware felt very much like a startup for me. I felt at home from day one of joining the VMware HQ campus.  

VMware is immense but at the same time, what makes VMware workplace different for me is the work culture. I find people in VMware value each other’s opinions irrespective of organization hierarchy. I have a say in making our product better. I can reach out to my manager or principal engineer, or even c-level executive to understand the technology and not be judged for it. This is what makes VMware a free and open culture.  

VMware Careers: What does a TME/TPM (Technical Marketing Engineer/Technical Product Manager) involve, and how does it benefit customers/partners and internal teams?  

Rohan Naggi: When my friends ask me, “What do you do at VMware? I say as a TPM/TME; I bring products to life by adding the colors. A big part of the role is creating technical and non-technical demos for internal teams. At the same time, TPM’s play a significant role in educating our customers and partners by delivering product training. This training can range in level from level 100 to level 400 (deep technical).  

I believe that a TPM’s mission is to empower customers, partners, and internal teams  like sales and system engineers  to understand the product and use it effectively. The job also requires us to construct and keep up live and web-based preparation content. In addition to that, we work on a rich library of self-serve resources to give enablement backing to all specialized selling jobs and execute a thorough enablement program.   

A TPM position is rooted in an individual’s profound comprehension of SD-WAN (software-defined networking) in a vast area of the network, organizing, and security. It also requires an energetic approach to helping accomplices and specialist organizations get the most incentive from the VMware SD-WAN stage.   

VMware Careers: In your opinion, what are the skills required to be a successful TPM/TME?  

Rohan NaggiI firmly believe that TPM/TME’s are the enablers of VMware’s products. With that much responsibility, I feel that the skills required are a “can-do attitude,” enthusiasm about the work, technical understanding, and the ability to answer the essential “what, how, and why” questions. All that being said, a necessary part of this job is being able to work with other people, being a team player. It makes the job more efficient and more manageable. Always understand the use case and how the use case will help customers. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and understand what challenges they face and how we can address them.   

Here are some of the tasks TPM’s/TME’s are responsible for:  

  • Keep an eye on the roadmap for new features, understand them, and create content and demos around them 
  • Developing training/hands-on lab and demos for internal and external consumption 
  • Evaluating technology partnerships 
  • Providing technology events support 
  • Considering competitors and the market for technology trends 
  • Understanding customer/partner issues and asking the right questions 

VMware Careers: What do you enjoy every day about being a TPM/TME?  

Rohan Naggi: What I enjoy every dais that each day is differentThere is no set task I need to perform. A colleague sent me an email recently, saying, “I’m still trying to figure out how to bottle your enthusiasm and sell it. When I do, I’ll make a fortune!”  

The enthusiasm I have comes from me enjoying my work every day. From working with my team and cross-functional teams to presenting to external audiences and delivering training workshops worldwide to customers/partners, I enjoy it all. In exchange for my time and effort, I gain valuable experience and knowledge. VMware has also given me a platform to launch my brand! I host hosting a podcast, and recently I started a technology talk show on Twitch.  

All this has helped me work on myself. I like to take on new challenges and enjoy different projects to work on. I’m always looking for learning opportunities and to expand my knowledge. I have had a lot of positive changes and career development opportunities since joining VMware.   

I am confident in what I do and paired with my energetic and enthusiastic approach; this makes my job more satisfying. Every new day is another chance for me to learn something new, and that is how I got here. Work hard and think of every day as a chance to get a little better. That is what I believe to be the key to success!  

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