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The Virtual Onboarding Diary of a Technical Account Manager in VMware India

Our “Diary Of” series gives you a glimpse into a typical week of the people who make up our global employee community here at VMware. Meet Arpita Mahajan, a recently hired Technical Account Manager (TAM) based in Pune, India. This is Arpita’s second time being an employee at VMware: read on to hear her story.

My journey to VMware started way back in October 2015 when I joined as a Technical Support Engineer. I was on cloud nine as I knew I had landed a role with one of the finest technology companies in the world. In this role, I learned a lot and fell in love with all VMware technology! Apart from the technology, I loved VMware’s culture of giving back to the community which is driven through its EPIC2 values. Being immersed in this culture helped me grow in many ways, and even when I had to leave VMware due to personal reasons, I knew I would incorporate these experiences into my whole life.

After leaving VMware, I kept in constant touch with new and emerging and new technologies. I would try to learn new features and products so that I could keep up with the pace of the IT world.  VMware Hands-on Labs to the rescue! It helped me get all the certifications in one go. As I was posting my VMware Hands-on Labs digital badges on LinkedIn, I got in touch with VMUG Pune, which is a VMware User Group based out of Pune, India. It was just the perfect community that I was looking for.

I thought of giving back to VMUG Pune, a community that had given me so much, so I presented on the topic of NSX in front of a 100+ technically enthusiastic crowd. Little did I know that I was the first female presenter for VMUG Pune. This moment changed my life! My post about my VMUG Pune presentation on LinkedIn reached 25k+ views, and on the back of this, I was approached by VMware recruiters about a TAM (Technical Account Manager) position in February 2020. As I was already in touch with the technology and the new VMware products, my interview went well. I got a chance to once again be a part of VMware’s global employee community and this time as TAM. The VMware Technical Account Manager position is a post-sales role that makes sure customers are happy and satisfied with the VMware products that they’ve purchased. It was a role I was very to learn more about and to dive into!



I joined VMware on June 1, 2020, as the whole world was (and is still) going through the COVID-19 pandemic. From regular communication to a very smooth virtual onboarding experience, VMware’s HR team has been very supportive during these tough times. A Laptop was sent directly to my home address, and I had a warm welcome from the Global Field Onboarding team. On my first day, I had a new hire orientation schedule in my hands which was conducted virtually over my first few weeks at VMware.

By the end of the first week, I had met my manager and got to know my TAM peers. I was assigned a mentor to help me with VMware processes and to get acquainted with my new role. By the end of the second week, there were lots of online trainings assigned to me, I found these easy to follow and they gave me a deeper understanding of the role.

As with my team onboarding, my new hire orientation at the corporate level was conducted virtually. During these sessions, we were invited to Zoom break-out rooms and given a task which we had to accomplish within a set amount of time. We quickly learned that diversity and inclusion and working as a team is truly the best way to reach a goal. It was so much fun! People from different backgrounds shared their own experiences, and it was exciting to navigate and go on to win some of the challenges in the sessions. After these sessions, we completed more assigned self-paced training modules.

My fourth week was a learning phase, took a variety of training modules that went deeper into my new role, VMware’s business units, and VMware as an organization. The training modules were so congruous to my new role that my knowledge about being at TAM and the VMware portfolio got deeper and deeper with each training. I was given the opportunity to interact with many people within VMware’s Professional Services Organization (PSO) and I started to understand how each role fits into its place. Week six was focused on the TAM deliverables, self-paced training, and receiving my first account to manage!

I am truly happy to be part of the VMware family again. I live by the mantra ‘Luck = Hardwork + Opportunity‘ and I believe that opportunities will follow if you have put in the hard work. VMware offers employees lots of opportunities for professional and personal development – I am willing to do the hard work and I look forward to what the journey has in store for me.

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