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How a Former Lawyer Landed his Dream Role at VMware

VMware’s Academy Program has an innovative and immersive approach that is proven to provide the skills, knowledge, and mentorship graduates need for a successful career. The immersive nature of the program often means that graduates don’t necessarily have to come from a technical background to join the program. Associate Professional Services Consultant Michael Schmitt is one such example of this. Read on to learn how Michael’s journey to VMware via the Academy Program was an unconventional one!



Michael Schmitt

Associate Professional Services Consultant

Sydney, Australia 


I’m not your typical big tech graduate. I studied Law and International Relations, and if you had told me even two years ago that I’d be working in a delivery role at a big tech company I’d have laughed.  While secretly wishing that a role in big tech was an option, I always assumed that my resume read more stereotypically as ‘corporate lawyer’ or ‘management consultant. 

We all have a wish list for our dream job, and mine might read similarly to yours. I want to be challenged every day, solve complex problemswork in a growth industry that gives me opportunities across the world, and be surrounded by people who bring out the best in me.  Sound familiar? Based on these aspirations, a connection encouraged me to apply to VMware. While I was initially hesitantI took the leap of faith. Having joined VMware close to six months ago, that faith has been vindicated.  Moving into tech has opened doors around the world that I’m yet to fully understand, and every day is a new learning opportunity.  

From a people perspective, VMware is led and shaped by its EPIC2 values. My colleagues push and support each other to become better for themselves, our customers, and ultimately the company. I see this purpose reflected daily at all levels, and it’s a privilege to be a part of it. From a work perspective, I’ve been challenged beyond my expectations from day one. For the uninitiated, your first year as a graduate is dedicated to accelerating you into your chosen role. Ithe first five months, I’ve gone from an IT novice to assisting in the delivery of cutting-edge products on customer’s sitesMy journey so far is the result of an abundance of excellent instructors, materials, technical guides, but perhaps most importantly, a tightly knit support network of fellow graduates, and alumni from previous years.   

“If you had told me even two years ago that I’d be working in a delivery role at a big tech company I’d have laughed.”

I’m excited that my experience so far is just the beginning of a learning journey which, given the pace of change in the IT industry, will last throughout my entire career. There’s an unhelpful perception in a lot of circles that in order to work for a tech company you need a very strong technical background and understanding of IT. On the contrary, my colleagues have a diverse range of qualifications and include some who, like me, have no technical background to speak of.   

What my colleagues and I do share is a deep curiosity for technology, how technologchanges people’s lived experience, and at a high level, a number of similar points on that dream job wish list that I shared earlier. VMware has ticked all the boxes I was looking for, and hope that with these words I might just help others who want something similar out their first job but don’t yet know that VMware is just the place for them.  

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