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A Day in the Life: Jodie Bermingham – Technical Support Engineer

The transition from university to working full-time can be a challenging time. We sat down with recent New Graduate Jodie Bermingham to hear how this transition went for her and asked her to share more about what her role as a Technical Support Engineer at VMware involves. Read on and get to know Jodie!


University Talent Team: Did you always know you wanted to have a career in technology?  

Jodie Bermingham: My journey with technology began at an early age. I was always interested in computers and begged my parents for my first computer when I was eight. From there, I was hooked and was always the go-to person in school if teachers were having any technology-related issues.

When I finished my secondary school education I attended Cork Institute of Technology, where I graduated with a BSc IT Management, Honours Degree. The course I studied was comprehensive, which allowed me to experience a large variety of what technology and IT offers. 


VMware University Talent Team: How would you describe the work you do as a TSE? (Technical Support Engineer)

Jodie Bermingham: As a Technical Support Engineer (TSE) in VMware, you are tasked with assisting customers in troubleshooting complex issues within their VMware environment. This also depends on the team to which you are allocated to. For me, I am sitting within the Core Networking team. This means that any issues our customers face with ESXi connectivity or Virtual Machine connectivity we will assist with. The exciting part of being a TSE is that every day is so different. Although we may often see some regular issues, the situation will differ. Learning about our customers and their journeys is one of my favorite parts of being front-facing. 


University Talent Team: What do you find most challenging and most rewarding about your work? 

Jodie Bermingham: The most rewarding part of my job is the satisfaction of helping our customers solve their issues. It is a great feeling when you can assist the customer with an issue; they may have been trying to fix themselves for some time. Another aspect that I love is the collaboration between teams. Everyone is always on hand to assist with any issues we as TSEs may face, whether it is a question regarding a different aspect of the product or just some guidance. The most challenging part is the ever-changing world of technology and trying to keep up to date. 


University Talent Team: What opportunities have there been for you to develop yourself as a New Grad TSE at VMware?  

Jodie Bermingham: There is so much room for development within VMware, especially being a new graduate. When I joined VMware, fresh out of college, there was so much I needed to learn. Thanks to my colleagues and VMware’s excellent training, my knowledge has increased tenfold over the past year. One beneficial aspect of being a new grad is that you can rotate between teams if you desire. If you feel that you would like to learn about a different part of the product, this can be easily arranged. Knowing more than one element of the work allows you to grow as a TSE and move on to wherever feel is your next step.


University Talent Team: You’ve just transitioned out of the New Grad program – what’s one thing you have learned about yourself? 

Jodie Bermingham: What the New Grad program has taught me most is never to doubt your ability. It is very daunting transitioning from a college lifestyle to a career, and the devil on your shoulder may convince you that it will be too difficult to adapt. But, through the past year, I have learned that everything is achievable with a bit of hard work. 


University Talent Team: Any advice for someone who is considering applying for the TSE role? 

Jodie Bermingham: The main thing when applying for a TSE role has the drive to learn. If you are willing to put in the work to learn daily and troubleshoot issues, this role is made for you. 


University Talent Team: Outside of your day to day role, what opportunities do you have to develop personally and professionally at VMware?

Jodie Bermingham: There are so many aspects of life at VMware that allow you to grow personally and professionally. Personally, passion is trying to get more women to study STEM subjects and into these jobs. When the opportunity came about to participate in the STEM Aspire Diversity and Inclusion program, I was very excited. This allowed me to mentor a female studying a STEM subject. The mentoring process has been great, and it was fascinating to be able to take part.

Additionally, VMware has a brilliant professional, and personal development initiative made up of Take One, Two, and Three programs. Take one allows VMware employees who have been in the company for more than a year to receive funding to broaden their studies or knowledge. They are returning to college to achieve a master or complete any type of training required, similarly, with taking two and three. 

One aspect of VMware which I find the most amazing if the VMware Foundation. This initiative provides employees with 40 paid service-learning hours to give back to a charity. Once the 40 hours are completed, the company offers 1,000 dollars to donate to a charity of choice, so unique! 


University Talent Team: Does the future of your career at VMware look bright?  

Jodie Bermingham: I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge even further and maintaining the consistent path which lies ahead. My key focus would be to grow technically and to keep up with the ever-changing world of tech. After that, I will have to wait and see! 

The future looks bright at VMware, and I am excited to see where it brings me!

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