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An Inside look at VMware’s Horizon Cloud Connector Team

 “Coming together is beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success.” 

Any organization’s core strength is its people and at VMware, our people are celebratedToday, Shilpi Mitra, Senior Member of Technical Staff, shares the dynamics of her cross-functional team and what keeps them focused on their end goal of delivering world-class Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to customers. Read on to learn more. 

Horizon Cloud Connector Team 

VMware India 


Connected by Name, Connected by Nature

Firstly, let me start by sharing that VMware’s Horizon Cloud Connector is a product that enables cloud features for on-premise Horizon Enterprise VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). Secondly, I would like to share that the Horizon Cloud Connector team is one of the best cross-functional and diverse teams that I have ever worked on. Allow me to explain why.…. 

Our team celebrates diversity of all kinds. Diverse thought processes and skillsets enable us to deliver high performing products and services that cater to business and customer needs. We not only benefit from each other’s diverse experiences and perspectives but also stimulate each other’s creativity. 

Our team collaborates with many remote and co-located teams. We’ve created a culture that prioritizes and encourages being available to help each other. The diverse collaboration tools – including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Slackjust to name a few – enable us to function smoothly as we work in a more distributed manner and navigate the difficult time that we find ourselves in now because of COVID-19. 


There is No “I” in Team 

In the words of Michael Jordan, – “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” We are here to win the championship of the best VDI experience! 

Each of us on the Horizon Cloud Connector team is competent, but what makes us great is how we show up as one unit;, striving to reach our goal of offering the best VDI experience to our customers. How do we achieve this goal? As a team, we trust each other’s judgment, allow room for healthy debate, and embrace mutual accountability on every project.  

Our approach is to automate whatever possible so that our efforts can be spent on adding more functionalities for customers. Our extraordinary leaders help to define our success as a team. Their guidance and setting of defined goals keep us focused. Their transparency helps to keep us on track, and away from conflict and ambiguity – making our team’s work enriching and satisfying. There is never a dull moment in our team. Our leaders often join us for allteam events with the same enthusiasm as us for the work we are doing.  

Finally, we like to celebrate each other’s successes. Appreciation from a fellow colleague – especially when working remotely – keeps the team morale high. This support, plus flexibility around our individually work schedule and style allow us to deliver reliable outcomes to our customers time and time again. 

Could you see yourself working on the Horizon Cloud Connector team? Apply here to join us today! 


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