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Excitement. Challenge. Inspiration. The future offers all of these. That’s why VMware has always met the future head-on, motivated by doing what once seemed impossible. The VMware culture of innovation is the beating heart of every part of the company, and it beats strong and loud in VMware’s Office of the CTO (OCTO).

Led by VMware Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Greg Lavender, OCTO’s charter is to imagine, experiment, and catalyze disruptive innovation. We collaborate with business and product teams across VMware, co-innovating with them as well as with industry leaders on solutions, initiatives, and What If? scenarios. Our inclusive approach welcomes disruptive ideas and the challenges they represent as we work to look beyond the horizon and impact the future.

VMware Office of the CTO is made up of diverse groups, programs, and initiatives. Read on to learn about them.

Research and Academic Programs

VMware is home to industry researchers, university faculty, and students from around the world who collaborate on ideas to influence the future of technology. The VMware Academic Program (VMAP) fosters a two-way channel to learn about and influence the latest thinking in computer science fields.

Innovation Programs

OCTO provides diverse innovation programs to support VMware people with a passion and intellectual curiosity for technology. From global hackathons to Flings, to our R&D Annual Innovation Offsite (RADIO), and incubation programs like xLabs and vRTX (pronounced Vortex), we empower our people to constantly challenge the status quo.

Advanced and Emerging Technology Groups

Within OCTO, leading-edge technology groups have a common goal: Innovation with impact. Socializing and supporting new technology initiatives that are driven by customer needs, these groups form internal partnerships with BUs across VMware as well as external relationships with technology partners and customers. Their initiatives run the continuum from the near-term tactical to the long-term strategic, capturing business opportunities in their respective areas of focus.

Some of the core technology areas we are exploring include Blockchain, Edge Computing, Cloud Architecture, High-Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Crypto Agility, Security, and Spatial Computing.


OCTO supports VMware’s commitment to sustainability and achieving a net positive future. We aspire to make the most innovative software in the world and for the world. Our virtualization technologies have enabled our customers to operate more sustainably than ever before. Our goal is to build on this legacy of positive impact and to push the limits of what is possible.

OCTO teams are hiring. If one of these areas sparks your interest, explore our global open roles here.

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