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Diary Of A Business Transformation & Automation Project Manager – Jadher Moreno

Jadher Moreno

Business Transformation & Automation Project Manager

San Jose, Costa Rica

My journey to VMware started a few months ago when I flew from Spain (where I finished up my Industrial Engineer Major) to Costa Rica in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. As I was looking for my first new grad job, I knew that I wanted to start my professional career in the tech industry. VMware offers excellent opportunities — not only in Costa Rica but worldwide — so I applied for a Project Manager role for the Business Transformation & Automation Project Management Office (BTA). After some weeks of the recruiting process, I was hired and now I can’t be happier to be part of VMware’s global employee community.

While starting a new job from home in a country under lockdown restrictions wasn’t easy, VMware did everything to ensure a pleasant onboarding experience. My virtual onboarding included orientation sessions on Zoom, lunches, and welcome meetings with my new team. In my first two weeks, I virtually connected with my teammates across the globe – from Costa Rica, California, and India. Each of these people has given me insights about the role of a Project Manager in VMware, shared what their ongoing projects were, information on how the business has been growing, and how VMware technologies are impacting the world and many different industries. I received a lot of information and training during my VMware onboarding, but it’s been helpful and necessary to have a proper perspective on how to drive projects in a fast-paced tech environment.

During my third week, I started working on an analytics improvement project with the Director of my department and a team in India. This opportunity has given me a lot of confidence and pushed me to work with different tools. A typical week – so far – includes brainstorming sessions, weekly meetings, reviewing many number and data reports, planning activities, and a lot of communication with teammates across different channels.

It’s been incredible to learn about how to drive global projects from the cross-functional teams that I’m working with today. Every day new challenges pop-up for the BTA team as we manage different global projects. I love that there are always new opportunities to learn about VMware’s products and processes. Learning and growing every day helps me understand the VMware world that I’ve just joined and how I can continue to contribute and be impactful in my role.

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  1. Welcome to VMWARE and BTA team! it is quite a journey and I’m glad to see your perspective as well, the beauty of BTA is the transformation opportunities you have to impact the world and different work communities across the corporation. Good Luck in wish the best in the yet to come!


    Israel H.
    BTA Manager-Supervisor, PM.

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