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5 Tips To Prepare For Your Next Virtual Interview

A hiring manager has reached out and asked to schedule an interview. The only catch is — it’s virtual. Virtual interviews are a rising trend among hiring managers because it allows them to get a better sense of intangible qualities, like professionalism and body language, that they can’t get through a phone interview. At VMware, we want to make sure you are confident and feel prepared for your next interview. Many VMware interviews are taking place using video conferencing tools. Below you will find five tips for preparing for your virtual interview. 

1. Test Your Tech

The most popular video conferencing tool we use for interviews is Zoom. Zoom’s website has some instructional videos to help get you going if you have never used Zoom before.  

  • Before the virtual interview, be sure that you have Zoom downloaded, and that it opens properly on your device. You might consider hosting a test meeting with a friend or family member. During this test meeting, ensure your Internet connection is stable and has enough bandwidth to avoid glitching or crashes.
  • If you are concerned about your internet connection, let your recruiter know so that other arrangements can be made. You can also reach out to your recruiter or e-mail us at if you have any accommodation requests or concerns before the interview.
  • Make sure you have good audio and lighting. Sound is particularly important. We recommend that you use a headset or wireless headphones with a microphone so you can be heard loud and clear and without an echo. Ensure that you are not backlit (e.g., sitting in front of a window) so you do not appear on camera as a dark silhouette.
  • Give yourself a couple of minutes before the interview starts to ensure you can join the meeting successfully and test your video and audio.

Note: Each meeting has a unique password that will be provided in your meeting invite.

If there are any technical difficulties during the interview, your VMware interviewer will be provided with your telephone number as an alternative method of contacting you.

2. Prepare and Practice

Just as you would for an in-person interview, we encourage all candidates to prepare for their virtual interview as well. One advantage of practicing for a video interview is you can watch the instant video reply in Zoom by recording your video meeting. Use this feature to practice answering interview questions. Then, watch the recording to playback your answers and assess your body language on camera.

We all use different forms of body language to communicate, such as our hands or facial expressions. Taking time to practice how these non-verbal communication methods show up on camera can help prepare you for the nuances of a video conversation. You might even consider sharing the recording with a trusted peer who can give you tips and feedback on your interview answers and presentation.

If you are looking for information that may help you get to know VMware better, be sure to review the content provided on the VMware Careers Site. You will find lots of information on our culture, products, news, and interview advice.

3. Use Screenshare

Share what makes you great! During an in-person interview, it might feel awkward to whip out a PowerPoint presentation. But when everyone is already on their computer, it is very natural. Using the screen share feature to showcase a presentation, portfolio, lines of code, or previous project is a beneficial way to show and tell about your skills, experience, and strengths. 

Note: Please only share information that is not confidential or proprietary to a past or current employer.

4. Check Your Personal Energy Level

Power poses anybody? Before the interview, bust out your best power pose. What is a power pose you might ask? “It is adopting the stances associated with confidence, power, and achievement — chest lifted, head held high, arms either up or propped on the hips.” Read this TEDx article that introduces Amy Cuddy’s research about how power poses can boost your confidence and increase your energy if you are unfamiliar with the concept of power poses.

Increasing your energy is especially important during a virtual interview because the screen environment can make it difficult to perceive subtle expressions of enthusiasm. Here is another useful article for more tips on how to improve your on-screen behavior.

5. Be Yourself

Perhaps an essential tip is to BE YOURSELF. We are looking to hire individuals who are passionate about the position they are interviewing for. While your skills and professional capabilities are essential, your character strengths and motivations are equally, if not more important. We want to know that you will love the work you’re doing from day 1 to day 1000.

Being yourself in the interview will help show off your unique and diverse potential. We are passionate about harnessing the best that everyone has to offer to create an inclusive and innovative culture.


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