16 Reasons Why VMware Goes Gaga Over RADIO

In 2001—for legions of Potterheads—the first installment of the Harry Potter movie series (“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”/ “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”) was released worldwide. That same year, VMware was geeking out about our first-ever internal R&D Innovation Offsite: RADIO 2001. And VMware has been gaga over RADIO since. (Yes, we couldn’t resist the temptation of a Queen reference!)

RADIO 2020 marks the 16th edition of VMware’s annual, internal R&D Innovation Offsite (RADIO for short), so here are 16 reasons why our employees are excited by this must-attend event:

1. Employees are making history this year at RADIO as part of the event’s largest audience ever. Previously, invitations to RADIO were highly competitive. This year’s online experience gives all our full-time employees and interns the opportunity to join our premier R&D event.

2. RADIO promises to be an experience as unique as our employees. With more than 250 pieces of unique, innovative content lined up at this year’s RADIO, VMware employees can take advantage of a new schedule builder tool to explore, filter, and enroll in content for a more personalized conference experience.

3. Employeesnew and oldmake RADIO an important and unique part of our innovation culture. It invokes the joy of innovation in our people.



4. Employees hear it first at RADIO. The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Fault Tolerance (FT), Virtual Appliance—some of VMware’s most successful features and products started as a novel idea at RADIO.

5. Employees geek out at RADIO. To paraphrase our CEO, Pat Gelsinger, RADIO is a time for our VMware community to geek out alongside technologists and leaders from across the company, and around the world.

6. Employees get a virtual front-row seat to the innovation engine at the company. Over the years, RADIO has earned a reputation for being more than an event; it has become a catalyst for innovation at VMware.

7. Employees engage in authentic conversations across all levels. Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions are informal meetings among people with a shared interest. They facilitate interactive, collaborative discussion across BU boundaries.

8. Employees experience the magic in math at RADIO 2020. This year, Dr. Arthur Benjamin, a professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College and professional magician as well as a world-famous lightning calculator is a featured keynote speaker. Employees get to hear Dr. Benjamin demonstrate and explain some of his tricks and convince our audience that math can be truly magical.

9. Employees have fun with “RADIO-Active Selfies.” Submission of photos and/or videos for the themed contest of the day gives our employees a unique opportunity to include their partner, children, pets in RADIO. Submissions with the most “Bumps” (likes) each day win prizes.

10. Employees get a chance to unwind and relax with Yoga On-Demand during RADIO 2020. Recognizing the stress that we’re all experiencing over the past few months with our “new normal,” the RADIO organizing committee has made three 30 minute yoga sessions available for all RADIO 2020 attendees at VMware.

11. Employees hear from amazing guest speakers and panelists. This year’s speaker lineup includes physician and neuroscientist, Dr. Divya Chander. Her keynote, “How Hacking the Neural Code Has Brought Us Closer to Bionic Brains” explores how old and new technologies make it possible to read visions and dreams, create neural lie detectors, and plant false memories among other things.

12. Employees get the opportunity to be inspired by what’s next in technology in the PE Talks segment. RADIO 2020 features 9 Principal Engineers (PE) as speakers. This segment is always a highlight at RADIO.

13. Employees are invited to an “Ask Me Anything” with our CEO, CTO, as well as COOs of our Product and Cloud Services business. AMA is an abbreviation for “ask me anything.”

14. Employees join our CEO, Pat Gelsinger, and our CTO, Greg Lavender, at the opening keynote at RADIO 2020. Pat and Greg will share their perspectives with employees about “Getting to the Next Stage of Innovation Success.”

15. Employees join our CTO, Greg Lavender, and Executive Vice President, Ray O’Farrell, at the closing keynote at RADIO 2020. Together, they will highlight key takeaways from VMware’s premier annual innovation event, winner announcements, and calls to action as VMware takes the learnings forward from RADIO 2020.

16. RADIO is a testament to human potential. As our CEO, Pat Gelsinger, shared at last year’s closing keynote at RADIO, “Behind every innovation is hard work and discipline.”


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