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Diary Of an New Graduate Business Analyst – Serena Andrade

Our “Diary Of” series gives you a glimpse into a typical week of the people who make up our global community here at VMware. Meet Business Analyst, Serena Andrade who is part if of the VMware India community and whose journey with VMware began almost two years ago. Read on and get to know Serena!


Serena Andrade

Business Analyst


My journey with VMware had started almost two years ago when I came across one of the internship openings. I was fortunate enough to get this opportunity as a Summer Intern and work with the RACE team. When I finished my internship and headed back to college, all I was looking for to was a chance to go back and work with the team I had grown so close to. When VMware came back to my college, with a pre-placement interview, I didn’t hesitate even once and grabbed it with both my arms. Today I’m a Business Analyst for the Enterprise Data Analytics Department (CS) at VMware.


I started off working on the 6th of May 2020 and with the country under the lockdown, it was a unique first day and I was onboarded virtually. Regardless of the situation, I must say that the team of University Talent was a great help with all the queries I had. The IT team approached and helped me set up my laptop and other necessities. My manager had been a very strong pillar of support throughout the process, helping me with the expectations of my role and guiding me on how I could align my career endeavors working here at VMware. The first week also had an ice-breaking session where all the NCG’s (New College Graduates) were made to play different games, in order to get to know each other better and also ease the settling in as we were onboarded virtually.


My second week was mainly regular calls with my manager. I was also involved in team meetings, where I met my remaining teammates and got to understand the expectations and learnings that came along with this role. I decided, that very moment, that I would use this opportunity of working alongside experienced industry professionals to the fullest. During this week, I also underwent various trainings, that helped me improve my skills as an analyst and got a chance to learn about the various tools and applications I would be working with. Throughout my second week here, the HR team had organized various calls along with the other NCG’s, to help us get acquainted with the organization.


The third week in, my teammates gave me updates about the ongoing projects and gave me an idea about the project which I would be working on. I was offered an opportunity by my manager to take up my first individual project, which got me excited and driven towards working on getting the required outcome for the stakeholders. I also attended the Flight program orientation, it felt reassuring to know that VMware is taking care of the fact that college graduates are new to this whole corporate world and that we will be guided through it with the help of our mentors and various programs.

Even though the current global situation is not very favourable due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the transition period from a college student to a business analyst at VMware has been super smooth.  Being a part of this organization for just three weeks I have come to realize that my journey here at VMware is going to be fulfilling not just professionally but personally as well.

Also, I must say, It feels good to be back!

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