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Diary of an New Graduate HR Service Specialist – Cassandra David

Our “Diary Of” series gives you a glimpse into a typical week of the people who make up our global community here at VMware. Meet Cassandra David, an HR Service Specialist who is part if of the VMware India community. Cassandra began her VMware journey as an Intern on the HR Services team in the summer of 2019. She was successful in securing a New Graduate role on the same team just over a month ago. Read on to hear what the first few weeks of her new role have been like.



After my exciting journey as an intern at VMware in 2019, I was only hoping and waiting to get back to this organization. And that happened! Despite the challenges of the hour, VMware gave me such a warm welcome, only proving not much has changed around here. Innovation and execution have always been deeply engraved in the company. VMware is a company that embraces change so well. A month in, and I love what I’m doing at VMware as an, and I’d say a typical week of mine can be called adventurous.

There is something great to look forward to every day here on the Regional HR Services team. It’s assuring that when you work with such a close-knit team, together you can conquer anything and working can be a lot more fun! I would say it’s almost like a team of people from different walks of life helping each other climb a mountain and face new encounters as we climb up. There’s always continuous improvement within the team, discussions about how we can do better, and finally putting those ideas to action. A great example of this happened in my first week when I was working with the team on a project that was focused on enhancing our communication internally. I got to be involved and use my skills in many elements of the project including training, using my creativity, collaborating, exploring design thinking, and working to expand the scope of the project across APJ. (Asia, Pacific, Japan). It’s a thrilling feeling one experiences while gaining conscience as one goes deeper into learning new things. We slowly get rid of our myopic lenses, only to see the range of possibilities that await us.

My team comprises of competent and challenge-driven individuals based in India, SEAK (South East Asia & Korea), Japan and ANZ (Australia/New Zealand). It’s super exciting to learn from these teams how the global operations are customized to meet the needs of various countries. I also enjoy learning about the importance of diversity and inclusion and ultimately how mutual respect and working together as a team no matter the location.

Since the core aspects of our team include onboarding and compliance, we play a vital role in being the first face to our new employees and facilitate them with a seamless experience which helps them settle into their role better. We also ensure that all the necessary documentation is done well within our timelines to adhere to the legalities involved.

Collaboration is a key value that we hold onto as we work closely with all those in and out of the HR ecosystem, including teams from IT, Payroll/Finance, Physical Security, etc. We join hands to ensure that not only do we together give our customers the best first impression, but also enable a lasting impression of how we at VMware continuously strive to grow and innovate. A recent and major challenge that we faced, was the virtual onboarding, amidst the global pandemic. Along with the support of our stakeholders, the leaders of VMware rose to this unprecedented situation and embraced it as an opportunity to overcome this challenge. We were one of the few companies that managed to successfully onboard hundreds of people all around the world virtually. This allows us to manifest our scope of resiliency and adaptability. I am so proud to be one of the new employees to be onboarded virtually, well on schedule, and in the most efficient manner. What a way to be welcomed back into my dream company!

Though it has just been a few weeks, my learnings at VMware have given me a lasting experience that helps me set my goals around growing, having fun while learning from one another, and viewing every challenge as an opportunity to achieve. May this be the first of many exciting weeks to spend throughout my journey at VMware.

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