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Transitioning From University to VMware – Nelson Choy

The transition from university to full-time employment can be a difficult journey for anyone – navigating new people, a new environment, and a new purpose.

Nelson Choy

Associate Consultant, Professional Services

Melbourne, Australia 

My VMware journey began in March 2019 where I and other new graduates from Australia and New Zealand began our six weeks of training at VMware offices in Sydney. A sense of community was instilled amongst us from day one. I really felt from the onset that I was not only joining a new company, but I was also joining a community. We learned about VMware’s EPIC2 values and how we, as graduates and new members of the team, will bring our own unique perspectives, value, and skills to the company. We connected not only amongst each other but also had the opportunity to engage with senior leadership. It made me excited and eager for what lay ahead because I knew there would always be a supportive network there for me if ever I needed it.

Now, as a mentor for students currently embarking on their transition out of university, I am energized by what I have learned here at VMware. The organization has given me a platform to empower others in my community, particularly those that are in the same position I was once in. Not only are we provided with the opportunity to give back through VMware’s Foundation program, but we are encouraged to do so as all VMware employees are given 40 service-learning hours to use every year.  Away from my mentoring work at universities in Melbourne I have also volunteered at various not-for-profit organizations. Coming through VMware’s graduate program I had the opportunity to learn about the organization from the ground up. It opened my eyes to the many things VMware does outside of developing amazing products and solutions, learning of the ‘Tech for Good’, ‘Diversity and Inclusion’, and ‘EPIC2’ values that each and every employee represents, has made me proud to be a part of VMware’s global employee community.

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