Our “Diary Of” series gives you a glimpse into a typical week of the people who make up our global community here at VMware. Meet Anna Lenzke, a Professional Services Consultant who works remotely in Germany, has been with VMware for close to six months. Anna works with some of our large enterprise companies in Germany and helps them get the most out of VMware’s End-User Computing products. Read on as Anna shares what the last few months have been like for her since joining VMware.


Anna Lenzke 

Professional Services Consultant 

Remote Office, Germany

Week One:

Here I am. The new hire. A future Workspace ONE consultant. An exciting new role is ahead of me and I cant wait to dive in.

My first introduction to VMware is a new hire welcome meeting at VMware’s workplace in Munich after which I participated in deep-dive digital training for Workspace ONE. I was very pleased to learn that the first three months of onboarding were planned for me and it included my first customer engagement. On a sunny day in December 2019, I stood outside the customers’ office waiting for my new colleague to pick me up. It was time for shadowing sessions begin!

Besides the fact that I had been in IT consulting for more than 9 years, meeting new customers and new colleagues for the first time is always something special. Luckily the customer was very friendly and happy to have me on board, they could see the value in having me shadow and ask questions – I remember the customer making a comment: “We are excited to have a new member of VMware with us because it allows us to listen to the extra explanations given to you so we can learn something as well!”

I really liked this positive attitude and made myself familiar with the customer’s environment and with my new colleague to whom I had until then just spoken to via chat and phone. My new colleague gave me the perfect start with lots of explanations, how to’s and helpful knowledge about our products. The first week of shadowing went far too quick, shadowing at a customer site is by far the best training to get. Facing challenges in a live environment gives you experience that lasts and helps to build a solid understanding of the software’s behavior.

Week Three:

When the new year started, I participated in more trainings and was keen to start my next shadowing experience. This time at another customer site and together with the guidance of another colleague, I was challenged and asked to help with some troubleshooting. It was the first time I was handed a topic to solve on my very own. I have always been a fan of deep-dive troubleshooting and to me, solving a tricky issue is like a mystery game to play. It is very rewarding to find out what the issue was in the end. However, on this occasion, working in a live environment, I was nervous and I struggled to get started. My colleague reassured me “I know you can do this and if you are in doubt, just ask me, and I will help.” His trust and confidence in me gave me what I needed and indeed, I felt like a superhero when I successfully finished the task and had helped with an issue.

Again, I enjoyed this empowering week with a highly skilled colleague who passed his experiences and best practices to me.

The first few months passed by in the blink of an eye. Lessons, trainings, helping hands, and lots of working in my very own cloud environment had gotten me onboarded and ready to run. My manager already had a few projects in his pipeline, and we decided together which one to go for. A consultant can never reach the point where continuous learning is not relevant anymore. But a consultant can reach a solid base to operate from and together with a team there is no stopping to reach new heights.

I am proud to be part of the professional services team and hope to learn and grow together with VMware for many years to come!

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