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Diary Of A Solution Engineer – Ashley Barto

Our “Diary of” series gives you a glimpse into a typical week of the people who make up our global community here at VMware. Meet Ashley Barto, a Solution Engineer who has been with VMware for just over a year. Ashley covers the entire portfolio of VMware solutions and works with large enterprise companies in the Pittsburgh area. Ashley shares insights into her role as a Solution Engineer at VMware from the moment she onboarded!


Ashley Barto

Solution Engineer 

Home Office – Pennsylvania


My introduction to VMware:

I’m finally part of VMware, and I couldn’t be more excited to join as a new Solution Engineer (SE). My laptop showed up before my first day with instructions on how to get set up, and I was off and running with programs like Workspace ONE for my first official day on the job. I met up with my Account Executive (AE) later that day at a coffee shop to start the knowledge transfer of our territory. When the welcome email went out introducing me to the team, I received over fifty replies from coworkers welcoming and offering to help in any way they can. I immediately felt supported and was off to a great start!


I start my day by brewing a fresh cup of coffee and checking my email in the serenity of the early morning. I use Mondays to plan for the week and sync up with my “pod” (our term for our extended sales team, including product specialists for each technology). My AE and I have short, 15-minute meetings with each of our specialist teams to review last week’s progress and any upcoming action items. After these meetings, I usually connect with my Account Executive to discuss our goals for the week – sometimes we meet up at the local Dell office, coffee shop, or grocery store café if we have some big planning to do. Mondays are used to gear up and get ready to complete online training and set big goals for the week ahead.

Tuesday – Thursday:

Now that we’ve completed our weekly planning and the team is coordinated on next steps, it’s time to meet up with our customers. Tuesday through Thursday is typically customer-facing time. If we have a strong customer relationship, we’ll have weekly meetings onsite to discuss current initiatives and anything new. For other customers, we have more ad-hoc meetings around specific topics as initiatives pop up. Each week is different in this job! Some weeks it’s just me, or me and my AE, visiting customers to talking about new initiatives or upcoming ELAs. Other weeks I have a specialist from my team meet with several accounts to talk about specific product offerings like VMC on AWS or CloudHeath.


Fridays are for following up on customer meetings and catching up on emails and tasks from the week. My Account Executive and I talk on a daily basis, but we spend Fridays wrapping up action items, debriefing accomplishments, and planning out what lies ahead of us for the next week. This is a time for administrative updates in Salesforce, product feedback in Looper, and trainings. On some Fridays, I choose to help out with the Academy Program at VMware! This program supports and mentors new college grads as they transition into Solution Engineer roles across the country. It hasn’t been all that long since I was in a program like that myself, and I love helping set up new graduates for success at their first job. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience. Last year, I had an Academy SE shadow me in Pittsburgh for a week. She accompanied me to internal sales meetings, on-sites with customers, sessions with my specialists while they were in town, and even to a VMware Christmas social event! Working at VMware has given be many opportunities to develop my skills, make new friends, and have a positive impact.


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