We Are Citizen Philanthropists – Disaster Relief in Beijing, China

Every waterfall begins with a single drop of water. That’s the idea behind VMware’s Citizen Philanthropy approach to giving—VMware’s waterfall of impact is the result of the collective actions of VMware people. Core to our ethos is the belief that we can all learn and grow through service.

This month we hear from Senior Sourcing & Operations Specialist and our Giving Network Lead in VMware Beijing, Tingting Zhang. At a time when the global COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us all, there is still much we can do to support each other and stay connected. Read on to learn how Tingting and the team in China have mobilized to help in a variety of ways to support the COVID-19 relief and containment efforts in their region, all while working from home and adhering to their local government’s travel restrictions.

VMware Foundation: Share with us the efforts in which your team has engaged to support the local community thus far in 2020.

Tingting Zhang: When I accepted the role of Giving Network Lead for VMware Beijing this year, I couldn’t, in my wildest dreams, have imagined that we would soon be facing one of the worst global pandemics of our time.

With VMware’s Citizen Philanthropy approach in mind, we decided to mobilize to help our local region – Hubei Province – with much-needed supplies and donations to support the relief and containment of what is now referred to as COVID-19. I worked with the support of our HR and leadership teams to inform our Chinese colleagues about ways they could support our community. More than 80% of our Chinese employees and many more from our global community came to our assistance to help raise funds.

Here is a summary of what we raised and donated:

  • Provided 1,100 pieces of protective clothing to Wuhan Children’s Hospital in XiShui.
  • Provided 520 pieces of medical protective clothing to the front-line health care workers of HongAn in Hubei Province.
  • Shipped and donated 390 items of medical protective clothing and 900 items of operational clothing to the XiangYang Centre Hospital.

In addition to the above activities, VMware people directed thousands of dollars of VMware Foundation Matching Gifts and Milestone Awards to more than a dozen nonprofits working on relief and containments efforts in our region.

The past few months have been very difficult for our VMware community in China, but the many messages of support, offers of help, and acts of kindness we’ve received from our VMware colleagues around the world have helped us immensely.

The status for COVID-19 is getting better here now, and our thoughts turn to the rest of the world and how we can help our colleagues in other affected regions.

It’s an incredibly difficult time for everyone, but I am certain we will overcome this by working together.

You can learn more about VMware Foundation programs here here.


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