At VMware, we have a history of being geeky, even when it comes to giving back. It’s our way of celebrating who we are. VMware Foundation programs foster a culture of service by providing a platform to amplify the personal contributions of VMware people’s time, talent, and resources to their nonprofits of choice. We call this employee-driven approach to giving Citizen Philanthropy. And what better way to align our Citizen Philanthropy programs with VMware’s geeky core than by aligning our grantmaking programs with Pi?

Just as the decimals of Pi go on indefinitely, there are infinite possibilities when it comes to supporting our communities inside and outside VMware. When we each support what is most meaningful to us, we can effect significant positive change in our communities. In our recently completed FY20, more than 22,000 VMware people took action to support their causes of choice. Through VMware Foundation programs, we collectively supported more than 10,000 nonprofits in 97 countries. With that in mind, we celebrate Pi Day (3.14) at VMware as a reminder of the infinite possibilities of Citizen Philanthropy. Big things have small beginnings, and each of us has what it takes to make change happen.

Marisa Schafer – Head of Citizen Philanthropy at VMware.