We Are Citizen Philanthropists


Every waterfall begins with a single drop of water. That’s the idea behind VMware’s Citizen Philanthropy approach to giving—that VMware’s waterfall of impact is the result of the collective actions of VMware people.

Core to our ethos is the belief that we can all learn and grow through service. The VMware Foundation serves as a platform to amplify the personal contributions of VMware people to the causes they care most about. By democratizing VMware’s philanthropic assets, VMware employees have the opportunity to choose where and how they give to the nonprofits that matter most to them.

To illustrate this philosophy, I’m excited to share this video that depicts how Citizen Philanthropy and VMware Foundation programs lead to a waterfall of the impact that reaches communities around the world.

By participating in VMware Foundation programs, VMware people make an impact in their communities by supporting their nonprofits of choice with:

· Service Learning: Contributing time and talent to nonprofits with 40 hours of paid Service Learning each year.

· Citizen Philanthropy Investments: Amplifying Service Learning efforts by recommending grants to global nonprofits of choice.

· Matching Gifts: Matching charitable donations to global nonprofits 1:1.

· Milestone Awards: Honoring service at VMware by directing charitable donations to global nonprofits of choice at Day 1, Year 12, and Year 16.

· Good Gigs Projects: Developing as leaders and strengthening nonprofits through pro bono Service Learning.

· Giving Networks: Employee led groups who are passionate about increasing VMware’s global impact in the community.

We’re proud to report that in FY19, more than 20,000 VMware people supported 8,484 nonprofits in 96 countries. Next week, we’ll begin sharing VMware Citizen Philanthropy stories monthly, with the goal to inspire others to take action, because we know that each of us has what it takes to make change happen.

We are all Citizen Philanthropists.

Serve. Learn. Inspire.


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