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Diary of a Technical Account Manager – Tina Krogull

This week, meet Tina Korgull. Tina is a Technical Account Manager (TAM) in Germany, she started with VMware just five months ago. Read on to learn about her experience as a new employee in the Professional Services Organisation in EMEA (Europe Middle East, Asia).


Tina Krogull 

Remote Employee, Germany 


Looking back, my journey to VMware as a Technical Account Manager was rather unconventional. It all started in December 2017 when I applied for a role and secured a phone interview, this led to a face-to-face interview in April 2018. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out on that occassion and the role went to another candidate. I was disappointed, but as VMware was somewhere I really wanted to work I decided to keep in touch with the hiring manager who interviewed me and I continued to follow VMware closely on social media. This continued connection and persistence on my part paid off and eventually laid a path for a second chance to interview for another TAM role. To my delight in May 2019 after a second interview process with VMware I received an offer, one which I didn’t think twice about accepting!


Month One: My onboarding experience & first month as a VMware TAM

I started with VMware in July 2019. It all began with the new hire orientation at our workplace in Munich, the VMware German headquarters. Over two days, I met other new VMware employees from the DACH  (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) region, and was introduced to many new colleagues. We all shared our work areas and roles which helped us to get acquainted.

As my first month continued, I began to meet and get to know my German TAM peers. I also met with my mentor regularly which really helped to settle me in to the role and company. There’s a LOT of online training new employees are required to take as part of the on boarding process. It’s self paced and introduces you to topics which are related to your role, business unit and VMware as a corporation. You hear and see a lot on many different subjects which can be initially overwhelming but eventually it all falls into place and helps with preparing you to start in your role. With each training, you gain more and more confidence and your VMware knowledge grows. Once I was finished my overall on boarding plan I was more than ready to start my role as a Technical Account Manager (TAM) in the Professional Services Organisation (PSO).


Month Two: My role as a TAM & how it is different from TAMs at other companies

August was another month of online training (Yes, even more, training!). My understanding of the VMware portfolio grew, and to this day, my knowledge is still growing, I see ongoing learning and training as a constant in my role as a TAM which excites me! By month two I really started to see how the different parts of  VMware come together. I also had the chance to meet more colleagues from within and outside Professional Services Organisation.

While being at VMware, I have learned that the role of a TAM at VMware is different from other companies. At VMware, a TAM is the customer’s concierge to their VMware hotel. This is a quote I’m borrowing from a TAM colleague. It’s the perfect way to describe what Technical Account Managers do at VMware. 


Month Three: What I am most excited about in being a VMware TAM and as a VMware employee in general

September started similar to July – more new hire orientation, this time in Staines, UK, for three days with new hires from all over EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) plus we met the new graduates who attended VMware Academy in Cork, Ireland. This was a great experience to engage with the wider PSO team and there was also time for some fun. It’s not all work and no play!

During these new hire days, we were put into groups, took on challenges as a team, and developed strategies to reach a set goal. We quickly learned that diversity and inclusion and working as a team is truly the best way to reach your goal.

The global field onboarding team do a great job in helping new hires to not only get started at VMware but they also help you to make immediate impact in your respective roles.

In September, VMworld took place in San Francisco, California. It was great to follow the live online sessions over the two day event. VMware made major announcements which impact the industry in a lot of areas. I’m excited to be a part of the team that continues to drive that impact and to help our customers with their digital transformation.


Now that I’ve been with VMware for four months, I feel that I’m in the right place for me! 

VMware offers employees a lot of options for development both professional and personal alike. You are supported by your manager and your peers. VMware employees are empowered to give back to the community in many ways. It’s all part of VMware’s over arching culture which is driven by EPIC2 values. Which are the values everyone lives and works by across our global community. I’m excited to be at the start of my journey here, who know what the future will bring!


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