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Diary of a Solution Engineer: Ylva Fonselius

Monday morning: Preparing for the sales week to come!

Wake up, grab a big cup of tea and start browsing through my emails checking for any urgent requests. After I’m done with my morning routine, I jump in my car and head to the office. The first meeting that I attend is the weekly kick-off meeting with the whole Swedish Sales Organization. Our General Manager briefs us about the current deals and the other focus areas that we need to prioritize. Once the first meeting is finished, I immediately jump to my next meeting. The second meeting hosts all of the System Engineers in Sweden. Here we cover all the latest and greatest news from a technology point of view. We also discuss the technical challenges we are facing in certain projects. As a team, we brainstorm and share our knowledge to overcome these challenges. After these updates, I continue with preparing my materials for my next customer meetings. This contains everything from updates on our Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI), VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) to showcase the value of these solutions.


Tuesday to Thursday: Customer meetings

Throughout the week, I am usually meeting new potential customers, existing customers, as well as partners, who are reselling our solutions. Each meeting has its own agenda; however, the key denominator of these meetings is to identify our customers’ needs and link them to the technical advantages of our VCF solution.

For example, I meet the customer at their premise where I’m meeting the head of IT as well as the system architects managing the data centre environment. As this is the first conversation, I want to let the customer talk and explain the challenges they are facing, and how their environment looks today. They mention that they are running out of storage and will need to buy an additional storage array at quite a cost. They also tell me that they are looking for more redundancy across their data centre. These indications are telling me that hyper-converged might be a good fit for their environment. Moving forward, I’m guiding the conversation to a broader perspective. It is important for the customer to understand the value of building their Software Defined Datacenter for the future where HCI is one of the ground pillars. The customer is understanding our overall strategy and is showing interest in having a deeper dive discussion. I set off to schedule another meeting where we can go over all the technical aspects in depth. A great first meeting with next steps and a potential future customer!


Friday: Bumping up my knowledge level

Being new at VMware, I’m still learning, and there are always new things to wrap my head around.On Friday morning, I open my laptop and I dial into my meeting with my mentor. He is always a great support; helping me understand difficult topics as well as encouraging me when I take on new challenges.

I have the afternoon booked for doing a hands-on lab. Here, I get to test the latest technology in a cloud-based virtual lab environment. This is a great tool to use if you want to gather knowledge, or in my case, prepare my attendance for VMworld as a lab proctor.

The day is running to its end. It’s almost 5:00pm and I’m gathering with some colleagues to go for an after-work drink. While waiting for the rest to come, I catch up with my manager and fellow Solution Engineer’s about the past week. We head out to the city centre, grab a drink and let business rest for the weekend!


Do you like the sound of this role? Could you see yourself onsite with our customers transforming their enterprise infrastructure? Come join us you won’t regret it!

Browse VMware’s Solution Engineer roles in Sweden here.




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