In February of 2014, VMware acquired AirWatch to establish it’s foothold in Enterprise Mobility. The acquisition of AirWatch cemented VMware as a major player in the Atlanta tech scene.

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, Carl Benning and his team are based on-site at VMware Atlanta and are tasked with sourcing and hiring top talent for all business units. Carl shares some insights on what he believes to be Atlanta’s best-kept secret – VMware!



VMware Careers:  Carl, tell us about the footprint of VMware’s Atlanta Office.

Carl Benning: There are over 1000 employees based out of our Atlanta office, with the End User Computing (EUC) teams having the largest footprint. Even though EUC has the largest population of employees at the Atlanta site there are many other teams represented here. Such as Marketing, Communications, Finance, End Point Services, Sales, Professional Services, Global Services & Support, and R&D. In terms of the physical layout of the site here we have an awesome trade floor inherited via the Airwatch acquisition, it’s pretty unique and I think the only open-plan trade floor in VMware. Anyone who visits the site always comments on it! We are also excited to have construction start on a state of the art cafeteria shortly.


VMware Atlanta’s Trade Floor


VMware Careers: Where is Atlanta in VMware’s Uber Corporate Strategy? 

Carl Benning: Atlanta is an integral part of VMware’s overall strategy. Our CEO Pat Gelsinger visited earlier this summer to host an all-hands meeting where he reinforced that the Atlanta site is a key driver in VMware’s SaaS (Software as a Service) transformation. In terms of hiring, this fiscal year we have hired over one hundred people and counting!


Pat Gelsinger at the Atlanta All Hands Meeting, June 2019


VMware Careers: Atlanta is one of VMware’s most diverse office sites. As a Talent Acquisition organization, what does VMware Atlanta do to continue its efforts to attract diverse talent? 

Carl Benning: Atlanta, Georgia has such a rich pool of diverse talent and is rapidly emerging as a tech hub in the United States. One part of our strategy to enhance a pipeline of diverse talent is that we (VMware) build partnerships with HBCU’s (historically black college and universities) this helps to identify and foster talent for our new graduate programs.

This year our University Talent team hosted the first Codehouse Atlanta 2019. This prestigious event is an experience built to empower Black and Latina female STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) students, and has only ever been held in Palo Alto. It was a fantastic to see this hosted in Atlanta and was a huge success, we are already planning Codehouse 2020!

Codehouse Atlanta 2019 Participants


In Atlanta, we have a number of PODs (Power of Difference groups). These PODs are employee-driven groups that enhance VMware’s inclusive culture and harness the power of human difference. They are open to anyone in the company and are designed to help participants grow as leaders, engage with different communities, and drive business impact.



We most recently launched the Disability @VMware POD in Atlanta. Other PODs at the Atlanta office include Black@VMware, Latinos@VMware, PRIDE@VMware, Veterans@VMware and Women@VMware.




VMware Careers: Atlanta is hiring at the moment across all Business Units and the fight for technical talent in Atlanta is fierce. Why should candidates apply to VMware?

Carl Benning: Yes we are! VMware is at the forefront of solving the most complex and critical technology challenges in the world. As an employee, you will be given tools and resources to grow your career and give back to your community. On a personal level, the community, sense of belonging and the awesome workplace here in Atlanta truly make it a special place. Joining us will be the best career decision you make! In the words of one of our Atlanta based hiring managers, Senior Director Chandana Nagaraj – “You’ll do your best work and have the most fun in a team where you feel you belong and when you’re invested in the success of the company and the team as a whole.”


VMware Careers: Tell us one thing about VMware Atlanta that not many people know. 


Carl Benning: There is always something happening. Whether it is an exciting POD (Power of Difference) event, a team pot luck, or a fun end of week happy hour to look forward to.






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