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Inaugural VMware Foundation Giving Network Leadership Training


“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Giving Networks are employee-led groups of VMware people who are passionate about VMware’s culture of service and EPICvalues. Representative of VMware’s interconnected and overlapping teams, any group of people (team, office, region, etc.) passionate about community support is welcome to form a Giving Network to:

  • Be a giving catalyst: increase engagement in Citizen Philanthropy and VMware Foundation programs (giving time, talent, and resources);
  • Embody VMware’s Leadership Code​grow personally and professionally;
  • Grow our global impact: increase awareness about the programs available to people through the VMware Foundation;
  • Build Community: connect people to the causes they care about most and connect with other passionate VMware people in the Community.

In late February, the VMware Foundation hosted its inaugural Giving Network Leadership Training. Giving Network Leads from around the world gathered to align their efforts to foster our culture of service and amplify our global impact in the community.

With representatives of Giving Networks from Austin, Boston, BTA, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Germany, GO Serve, India, Ireland, IT for Good, Legal Pro Bono, and Palo Alto, we were able to leverage the diverse and global experiences and perspectives in the room to plant many seeds that will undoubtedly continue to sprout in our VMware and external communities for quite some time.


This first in-person Giving Network Leadership Training provided an opportunity for Giving Network Leads to develop as leaders and brainstorm new ways to inspire and engage their Giving Networks around the world. Aligned with VMware CEO Pat Geisinger’s three Leadership Code focuses, the two-and-a-half-day training covered:


  • Customers– Understanding how VMware’s unique Citizen Philanthropy approach encourages us to apply the same customer-centric lens we apply to our customers to our interactions with non-profits and each other.
  • Alignment– (a) Aligning local efforts with our global Citizen Philanthropy approach; and (b) Aligning each participant’s strengths with their Giving Network leadership roles.”
  • Drive – Driving from participants’ leadership strengths to create FY20 strategic impact plans for their teams and their communities


Here’s what two Giving Network Leads had to say about the training.

“It was such a great immersive workshop. The one-to-one conversations and multiple sessions helped us to be comfortable, vulnerable, contribute, discuss, and learn. It was a great learning experience and I had a wonderful time with all my global Giving Network counterparts.” Chirag Arora – Giving Network Lead, India



“The information and content were really rich, but combined with the community connection, and the people in the room sharing vision and purpose, it was also incredibly impactful. I heard almost everyone there comment that it was one of the most important and valuable trainings they had ever attended. I really felt like the unique things I bring to my work, my communities, and VMware were all reflected, aligned, and reinforced.” Karen Ellis – Giving Network Lead, Boston




To learn more about the VMware Foundation mission click here.



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