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VMware Hiring Manager: Robert Ruelas of the End-User Computing Americas Sales Team

What if you could get to know the hiring managers at VMware before you come onsite for an interview? Well now you can with our new Meet the Hiring Manager series. From their own career journeys to the characteristics that they look for in candidates, we want you to hear from the people who help bring teams together at VMware – hiring managers.

This week, meet VMware’s Vice President of End-User Computing Americas Sales Robert Ruelas. Robert, who is based in Dallas, Texas, his team are hiring for several positions that will help innovate today’s digital workspace through VMware Workspace ONE.

VMware Workspace ONE enables you to simply, securely deliver and manage any app on any device. It is an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform powered by VMware AirWatch Technology. Workspace ONE integrates access control, application management, and multi-platform endpoint management and is available as a cloud service or for on-premises deployment.

Ready to get to know more about Robert and his team? Read on.

Robert Ruelas, America

VMware Careers: Robert, can you share how you’ve arrived at this point in your career?

Robert: I was recruited to VMware by our SVP and GM for the Americas, we worked together previously at BEA systems. I ran an Americas organization at BEA Systems and I was in a similar position to what he was doing at VMware. He liked my leadership style and thought that I would be a great fit at VMware.

Prior to BEA Systems, I was with IBM for sixteen years. At IBM, I started out as a Systems Engineer because I wanted to know the value of what we were selling. I always wanted to be a Sales Representative and I jumped at the chance to move into a Client Executive role when the opportunity opened. I had some tough years, but those years taught me resilience. I was able to demonstrate that I could lead teams and grow revenue. Our teams were 100% focused on customer outcomes and excellent account management. I was promoted into a Sales Manager role and later into a Business Unit Executive role. In ten years, I went from being a Systems Engineer to running everything in west Texas and southern New Mexico with over thirty-five reps reporting to me. I then moved into a Staff position to better understand IBM’s enterprise and global accounts. From there, I moved into another business unit Executive role running west Texas and southern Oklahoma. It was a difficult job, but we were able to grow over 22% while IBM was flat. I was then asked to launch Tivoli’s business (within IBM) in Latin America. Our team grew this business from $7M a year to over $150M per year within three years. It was a great learning experience as it showed me how leadership and change can have a positive ripple effect in just a few years. I decided to try the startup world but that failed in 8 months flat. After my startup world stint, I joined BEA Systems to lead their Sales and Strategy organization. My career has been built on managing many difficult assignments. At times I felt stretched, but I always found a way to manage while building good sales strategies that delivered results.

VMware Careers: How did you get into tech, in particular, the sales function?

Robert: I wanted to fly jets for the military and was accepted into the U.S. Airforce Academy. However, they couldn’t guarantee that I would end up flying so I decided to attend and major in Computer Science at The University of Texas at Austin instead. I already knew how to program in a few languages and my math teacher had always told me that computers were the future.

VMware Careers: How does working within the End-User Computing business unit at VMware compare to working at other Tech companies?

Robert: Having worked at IBM, BEA/Oracle, and VMware, I would say that VMware inherently is a much more progressive software and Cloud Computing company. Not only does VMware have a culture of Innovation, but it has technology that is driving a totally new and better TCO (total cost of ownership) -more than any of the traditional hardware and services businesses. I believe that our executives feed and inspire that Innovation. I also love that VMware treats everyone equal regardless of their color, nationality, gender or political persuasion. Everyone has a voice here no matter what your title is.

VMware Careers: Tell us about the type of people you are looking to recruit?

Robert: I’m looking for people that believe in a mission, purpose and higher calling – not just selling. I’m looking for people that will put their peers and customers first. I like people who are inquisitive, hard-working, results-oriented, humble and respectful. I’m looking for people who have a passion for End-User Computing and who want to change the world….one customer at a time.

VMware Careers: If you could offer one piece of career advice what would it be?

Robert: Plan for where you want to be and what you want to do. Then go and share that with anyone who will listen. You would be amazed at how many people will advocate for you if you do that. My bonus piece of advice is this: Don’t be a victim. Make the most you can regardless of how other people treat you. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Go out and change your stars.


VMware and the global End-User Computing team is driving a phenomenal pace of innovation. Are you interested in joining a dynamic team and working for leaders like Robert? Take a look at our open roles within the End-User Computing team in the United States and apply today!


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