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Stories of Who We Are – Danette Boyd – Perez

Every person has a unique story to tell. Stories about what motivates us and what inspires us are reflections of who we are. Stories of Who We Are takes a closer look at the people in the VMware community by featuring portraits and compelling narratives from the perspectives of our diverse employees from all across the globe.

Dannette Boyd Perez

Benefits Consultant


“How I became a benefits consultant is a funny story; this is my fourth career. I studied psychology and was a therapist, but I actually made more money in the restaurant business. I was even a general manager for the state capital of Austin. Eventually I thought to myself that I wanted to get a foot in the door in HR, and so I started in staffing at Dell. Soon they asked if I could help with benefits, and I haven’t looked back since.

I am passionate about working for a company that cares about their employees. VMware came knocking at my door about a year ago, and when I looked out I thought, ‘this is where my voice will be heard.’ One great memory here, one that makes me feel super proud, is the Paid Parental Leave program. Employees get to take 18 weeks, the most important time of their child’s life, be away with them, and not have to worry about their finances. I’m a little bit like Santa Claus, right? And everyone thinks it’s all about the moms, but the dads are the ones who send the notes and thank-you calls! They say, ‘I get to stay with my son/daughter and I can bond with them,’ and it’s like they don’t believe it. That’s what makes me think this is the pinnacle; we are offering best-in-class benefits in the United States. I get to enhance the physical, spiritual, and financial wellbeing of employees, and that’s the fun part! We are the unsung heroes who usually only hear about when things break; we’re here at the bottom of the pyramid, raising the other folks so that they can do their jobs. The fact that we can come to resolutions and satisfy not only the company, but also the employees, makes me realize, ‘this is a great job, this is an amazing job.”


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