Today is Pi Day (March 14th), and I’m reminded of the poem ”Pi” by Wisława Szymborska, a Polish poet and Nobel Prize laureate. In her poem, she describes Pi as never ending – it continues onward with infinite possibilities for discovery (That’s why I’ve always loved this data visualization of Pi).


Learning Through Service

Similarly, there are infinite possibilities to discover and learn through our service experiences. We can create change within oneself and our community through Service Learning. When we reflect on our service, we can learn and grow in many ways, including:


Innovating from Diverse Perspectives:

“Service Learning allows you to break away from the everyday patterns of life and brings new perspectives in front of you – new skills, knowledge, and passions, which is a qualitative leap forward in itself.” Desi, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Bulgaria


Developing both Personally & Professionally:

“Through Service Learning, I learned to analyze a situation fully and be part of the solution through teamwork and collaboration. I’m more confident and feel comfortable taking the initiative.” Nitu, Senior Member of Technical Staff, USA


Connecting to Purpose:

“Service Learning has given me something that money or bonuses can’t – a sense of fulfillment.” Jorge, Customer Support Supervisor, Costa Rica


Service Learning: Getting Started

Join our VMware community in discovering the infinite possibilities of Service Learning. Here’s how you can get started:


  • Reflect on what matters most to you and choose a cause you are passionate about.
  • Decide how to contribute your Service Learning: Hands-on, General Skills, Board Service, Pro Bono.

o   Learn how to apply your professional skills for pro bono Service Learning through Transforming Technology Pro Bono, the VMware Foundation’s inaugural research paper.

  • Connect with a nonprofit to learn how you can best serve their cause. Invite others to join you!
  • Inspire others by sharing your Service Learning story.


Each of us has what it takes to make change happen. Join us in celebrating Pi Day by committing to contribute your Service Learning time and talents. It’d be irrational not to!




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