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Stories of Who We Are – Mariana Ramirez

Every person has a unique story to tell. Stories about what motivates us and what inspires us are reflections of who we are. Stories of Who We Are takes a closer look at the people in the VMware community by featuring portraits and compelling narratives from the perspectives of our diverse employees from all across the globe.

Mariana Ramirez

Senior Manager Partner Support

Heredia, Costa Rica

“I have always been very passionate about giving back to the community, so when I started at VMware it was like Disneyland to me because they promote giving back so well. I took advantage of how VMware programs offer the opportunity to give back to the community while still growing as a professional. So, I attended Good Gigs, a global program in which I helped implement education technology in a township in South Africa. There I led the team that developed the training programs for the implementation of the technology. The team was a group of people I didn’t know, of all different cultures, but we were able to become connected as humans not as co-workers or people of different cultures. We were united by the common thought: “how can we help technology impact education.” ​

I thought I was going there to make a change, but honestly, I didn’t realize how much that experience would change me forever. That experience made me the leader that I am today at work. It gave me a “growth mindset,” which means I learn from my mistakes rather than simply feeling down about them. If I were to give advice to anyone in the professional world, it would be not to underestimate the opportunities you have to keep developing and challenging yourself; never stop learning.

I think to myself sometimes: what would the Mariana starting at VMware in 2014 say about the Mariana today. I would have never guessed how much development and life experience I would have gained from my few years at VMware.”

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