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VMware Sales Academy 2017 Spotlight Series – Remi Schipperus

Name: Remi Schipperus

Role: Systems Engineer

VMware Office Location: Cork


What inspired you to pursue a career in SE

I’ve always been interested in technology and helping people with technical problems. After working part-time in sales and finishing my Electrical Engineering Degree, I wanted to combine both my technical knowledge and the sales experience. Making the decision to enter the SE Sales Academy was easy because it combines both at a company that is on the edge of technology.

Share a general overview of the structure of the VMware Sales Academy training program. 

The program contains a good structure to make sure you know VMware’s products. With enough fun activities and teambuilding, you also really get to know the team you are working with. With Hand-on-Labs you are able to play with the software and experiment with it. Besides getting to know the products, the Academy also trains you in sales and social skills, which benefits the rest of your professional career, as well as your personal life.

What has been your biggest takeaway from participating in the training program? Has it helped kick start your career post university? If so, please explain how. 

The biggest takeaway from the program is really feeling comfortable speaking to customers and help them to see the value of the product. Doing whiteboards of the products and practicing them in front of the management, really helps you feeling confident speaking to future customers. The academy really kick starts your job at VMware.

A brief guideline of what to expect in the first 6 months in VMware.

The first 10 weeks are packed with hands-on-labs and online training to get the foundation of VMware’s products. It’s a great opportunity to get comfortable with the products. After this foundation, you will be guided into conversations with customers where you will be able to learn from your mentors. The program really enables you to grow into the role and be ready to go into the field.

How has coming to work at VMware’s Cork, Ireland office helped prepare you for your role once you move back to(The Netherlands)? Please share some of the benefits of living in Cork, Ireland with the students considering participating in the VMware Sales Academy. 

The Cork Office is filled with lots of great talent to learn from. Because there a so many different colleagues and departments like Service and Sales, you can connect with the people which are going to be your backbone during the role. During this academy, you will be with many other participants on the program, which enables you to grow as a team and as a VMware employee. Besides from the great campus, Ireland also has a great culture to live. People are very kind and helpfully, which makes it a great country to live in.

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