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VMware Sales Academy 2017 Spotlight Series – Elodie Kobeissi




Name: Elodie Kobeissi

Role: PSO Associate Consultant

VMware Office Location: Paris


What inspired you to pursue a career in PSO?

I have always been fascinated by what technology can do and how far can it go. I find passion in automation, which made me pursue a master’s degree in system engineering, and automation. Having the chance to pursue my career as a PSO in VMware means learning technology at a completely new level. The amount of knowledge I will acquire in my PSO journey and the amount I will be giving back will keep me thriving and eager to gain professional IT experience.

Share with us a general overview of the structure of the VMware Sales Academy training program.

The VMware Sales Academy (VSA)  this year not only accommodated Sales and SE’s but PSO as well, so the VSA training program had to be diverse to suit each role. PSO graduates not only received technical training but also had the opportunity to benefit from the Sales training program to develop their sales skills and vice versa. The program also focuses on developing our interpersonal skills, public speaking and presentation skills, which prepares fresh graduates to get in the work life easier. Most importantly the program’s structure made sure we had fun each step along the way from team building activities to a lot of networking events where you get to meet senior leadership team across organizational units and geographies within the company.


What has been your biggest takeaway from participating in the training program? 

The exposure and the reassurance that the leadership offered was exquisite; every day was a day I would look forward to. The learning curve is positive and applicable to the real world. This program was perfect to introduce us to where and how VMware got to where it is today and defines the future strategy and where it is we want to be in the coming years. The VSA program offered a solid foundation comprising of soft and technical skills to pursue our field roles back in our base office.  My biggest takeaway from participating in VSA is that you can be anything you want or do anything you as long as you set your mind to it.


What should VSA 2018 graduates expect from the program in their first 6 months in VMware? 

Well before coming to cork I thought the 10 weeks would be a long a time away from Paris but the team here made it feel welcoming, the training events and the overall team made you want to stay and I did not expect that. I wrote this blog on my last day in cork and I must say that these 10 weeks have gone by fast. My expectations when I head back to Paris, France? well I will be shadowing on the job for another 10 weeks, with different consultants and technical account managers. I believe that the shadowing experience will serve me well to further enhance the foundational skills I obtained in Cork. I will also get to meet new colleagues at the Paris office and that will help me build my network. Finally, I must say that within this period as an associate consultant I will be ready to work on client engagements and help our client realize the real values our products & solution can offer.


How has coming to work at VMware’s Cork, Ireland office helped prepare you for your role once you move back to Paris? 

VMware Cork’s office is the perfect place to kick start your career post university. The city is full of vibrant young international people and the locals are extremely kind, generous and hospitable. I enjoyed a wide range of good fresh food and a lot of site seeing like Killarney National Park, Garnish Island and Cliffs of Moher.

The Cork office is the third biggest location globally. Different departments reside in this campus from Global Technical support teams to Management and Sales teams. This gave me the opportunity to build strong relationships across the company on not only a professional level but socially as well. You’ll be surrounded by young professionals and get to make many new friends not only within the Sales Academy but also across different regions and departments within the company. This obviously helped me adapt more easily and more quickly when I moved back to Paris after building solid connections.


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