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Simran AroraName: Simran Arora

Role: Graduate Systems Engineer

VMware Office Location: Cork, Ireland

Fill in the blank: Dare to become who you’ve always wanted to be.



Journey to a Career in Technical Sales

My interest to enter the IT (information technology) field was sparked by my appreciation of technology, understanding of its complexity, and the passion that I have for sharing the benefits of innovation to the broader community. I have always been keen to gain professional IT experience by learning more about the expansion of technology in the real world and how it is used in a customer driven environment. This is what first led me to pursue a career in technical sales as technical sales perfectly combines both my interest in technology and my ease of speaking with people.

An Inside Look at the VMware Sales Academy in Europe

The VMware Sales Academy (VSA) program is structured well and has clear logic that makes the VSA new graduate participants as efficient as possible. The training program helped us enhance our performance instead of just increasing our work competencies. We had a range of different trainings pre-planned for us before we joined VMware, which meant we knew exactly what we were supposed to be doing for the next 6-months on our very first day. The training was provided to us in a range of ways, which included; group discussion, PowerPoints, e-learning, individual research, role plays, problem solving, etc. Overall, the VMware Sales Academy has made the transition from university life to work life very easy.

Continuous Learning at VMware

Participating in the VMware Sales Academy has been an immense help for me as I’ve stepped into corporate life. I was very used to the laid-back life at university and the thought of entering the work force was terrifying. Having other new graduates by my side in the program made me realize that I was not the only one with these feelings. Not only did the program give me time to settle in at my own pace, but it also gave me achievable targets to work towards. I was always motivated to work harder and achieve my goals.

In terms of career, the VMware Sales Academy has given me a huge kick start towards a successful future because I now have both the soft skills and technical skills that I need to succeed in my role. Being able to learn at work and have access to the resources that are needed to be even better at my role is what the VMware Sales Academy is all about. It’s an opportunity for participants to understand who they are and what they really want to do in life. My biggest takeaway from joining the VMware Sales Academy is that being successful is more achievable than I thought, if I work hard enough.

What to Expect During your First Six Months at VMware

The first six months at VMware will probably be the quickest six months of your life. From settling into your new house to getting your own booth at work, it’ll all be very exciting. Month one is all about getting to know your colleagues and familiarizing yourself with the beautiful city of Cork. Month two and three consist of lots of training sessions, tasks associated with your job, as well as many company organized lunches, dinners, and events. By month four and five you’ll start to feel a lot more confident in yourself and the work that you do, and before you know it, it will be month six.

Thinking back, so much has happened for me over these last six months at work, like; building new friendships with colleagues from all over the world, going to a variety of company events, sitting through numerous presentations, learning about the latest VMware products, and then feeling confident enough to then do presentations on those products. When I first started, I was nervous and unsure of everything, but within my first week I felt so welcomed that all those negative feelings disappeared straight away. In a nutshell, I would say that nothing but the best is in store for you during your first six months at VMware because VMware will look after you and you’ll learn so much without even realizing.

Dare to Explore Cork, Ireland

When I first heard that the VMware Sales Academy takes place in Cork, Ireland, I was very afraid about leaving my home in the UK and moving to another country. The thought of starting a new job was scary enough, but moving to a brand new country, with all new people that I had never seen before was even more terrifying. However, after moving here and meeting everyone, I came to realize how wonderful Cork is. Aside from all the beautiful sights like Killarney National Park and Kinsale, the best thing about Cork are the people. They’re all genuinely really nice and polite. By being in the Cork office, I’ve had the advantage of being exposed to and learn from a variety of different roles and departments within VMware, something that I couldn’t have done back in UK. Also the amount of training that is available here like having access to hardware labs and being able to walk up and discuss work with product specialists has helped me feel more prepared for my role. I have truly enjoyed living in Cork and getting home is just one very short flight away. The thought of moving was frightening at first, but has been was well worth it. I’m really glad that I decided to be brave and move here because it has been an amazing experience.


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