Chanda Dani

Palo Alto, California, U.S.A.

Senior Director, Product Marketing


VMware value that means the most to you: Passion, because if you have passion, execution, customers and community will follow. It is very important that passion go hand-in-hand with integrity. You should not lose your integrity while trying to do things that you’re extremely passionate about.

Hobbies: I enjoy giving back at my son’s school as a debate club judge, gardening, and spending time with my friends and family. I participated in speech and debate as a student and it helped build my presentation and public speaking skills, which have come in handy throughout my career. I believe such opportunity should be available to all children. Volunteering through my son’s school was easy as they take care of the logistics. I also love to travel, so it’s great that my role at VMware allows me to visit a variety of places within and outside of the United States. I enjoy the food and the history that different parts of the world offer as well.

People might not know: I can bake really well. I enjoy baking as it is easier and faster than regular cooking. My favorite thing to bake is a fruitcake. 

Best quality: I would say that my best qualities are that I can listen and understand. If I’m interacting with someone, I’m generally good at understanding where they’re coming from and what they’re trying to accomplish. This helps me quickly understand a customer’s problem or an internal stakeholder’s challenge as I can come up with solutions that will meet everyone’s needs. Over time, I have realized that things are rarely right or wrong, there are just different perspectives and if you understand them, you can do a really good job.

Guilty pleasure: Dark chocolates.

Inspiration: I’m motivated by my desire to accomplish something and accomplish it well.

#1 passion:  Technology. It lets you be creative and you can design products and be a part initiatives that are helping transform lives.

Career ambition: I would like to take a new product and make it established in the market. I am thankful to VMware, as I am now living this dream already by leading the Product Marketing efforts for VMware’s vSAN product.

Biggest takeaway from receiving the EPIC2 Achievement Award: That the process for awards such as the EPIC2 Achievement Award actually works at VMware. I never expected to receive such an award because I don’t generally receive awards. My greatest insight was that people were truly observing me and understood what I brought to the table. It made me have a greater appreciation for my managers and peers and the VMware culture in general.

Giving Back: I directed my monetary donation* from the VMware Foundation to UNICEF America. I believe that you can impact a life the most during the early stages of an individual’s development. I believe in UNICEF’s charter and global appeal.


*Each of the 2016 EPIC2 Achievement Award winners received a monetary donation called a Citizen Philanthropy Investment to direct to the nonprofit of their choice from the VMware Foundation.


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