At VMware, we empower our people with the resources and tools to own their future. Connect with VMware Member of Technical Staff, Shwetha Lakshman Rao, and learn how she is taking the lead to grow in her career while inspiring others along the way at the Grace Hopper Celebration in India.


Shwetha Lakmanan (1)Name: Shwetha Lakshman Rao

Role: Member of Technical Staff

Office Location: Bangalore, India

Years at VMware: 6


Share what a typical day is like for you at VMware. 

My day starts by coffee with colleagues, followed by checking emails so that I can prioritize my tasks for the day. As a Java API tester, I repro and verify the bugs related to vCenter Server, identify use cases that have not been covered, and write the code for those use cases. I work on scripts as per customer requirements to help solve their issues or automate manual efforts, and I help team members resolve their technical issues. The best part of VMware is there is no boundary to work on research of one’s interest, and I enjoy this opportunity. VMware empowers me to enhance my technical and soft skills by attending conferences within and outside of India. I also work in the “Internet of Things” research group and am involved in many other initiatives such as Borathon (VMware’s employee-led hackathon), giving back with the VMware Foundation, and innovations around improvising the testing strategy and patents at VMware. Each year, VMware employees are given 40 paid hours to give back to the causes closet to their hearts. I spend my Service Learning time going to government schools twice a week to teach English for the students of grade 4.


What inspired you to pursue a career in Information Technology?

Information Technology impacts everything. You name a career and one can map IT implementations with it. Because of this, there are endless opportunities to learn and grow in an IT career that personally interests you. A career in IT requires continuous learning. It is about problem solving which requires analytical skills, and I love solving issues by building different algorithms. Information Technology is not just about technical skills; it is about how one can manage time while working on multiple tasks. There is nothing that can describe the amount of satisfaction that I feel once I’ve finished a task that involves developing a code that solves a complex problem.


You are participating in the Hands-on Lab session and have a poster on IOT transaction security at Grace Hopper (#GHCI15) India. Can you share more about what you will be discussing during these two sessions?

It is a pleasure to present our poster “IoT Transaction Security” at the Grace Hopper conference. IoT or “Internet of things,” is an emerging technology that is buzzing in the IT industry. The focus of the poster session project is to provide confidentiality and integrity of data originated from an IoT device that is sent over a network to the cloud environment. The paper proposes the below two ideas:

  • Direct HTTPS connection between IoT devices and cloud: targets to remove intermediary devices like mobiles that are currently used for the transfer of data generated by IoT devices using HTTPS.
  • Bitcoin block chain ledger principles to achieve decentralization in IoT network: proposes solution to prioritization of transactions.

The Hands-on Lab is an exciting opportunity to share an overview of some of the latest VMware and AirWatch products by demoing the products in real-time with the audience. Below are a few of the products we’re planning to share with the GHC India community:

  • NSX: Network Virtualization
  • vSAN: Storage virtualization
  • vCloud Air
  • Photon: OS for containers
  • Proj Bonneville and AppCatalyst
  • VVD: VMware validate design
  • Helix: VMware IoT platform
  • AirWatch Moblie Device Management

The 2015 theme for the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing India is Our Time to Lead. What does this theme mean to you?

The 2015 theme for the Grace Hopper Celebration “Our Time to Lead” motivates women to start owning and leading tasks without waiting for someone to come and ask them do it. It is all about having the right attitude of initiating and owning things.




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