Prachi3Prachi Goyal is in her second month of interning in Finance. She is currently making the most of her time at VMware’s Palo Alto headquarters, and also looks forward to continuing her MBA at University of Texas at Austin in the Fall.  

My first mentor was, unintentionally, my mother. She leads her own life with independence and empowerment. She’s inspired and motivated me through my childhood to present day — encouraging my big dreams and the persistence to achieve them. My belief in mentorship and female empowerment originates from her. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to be mentor and mentee, following in the footsteps of the woman that inspired me.

Purdue University provided me with my first formal mentor. The Electrical Engineering department, as with most technical departments, has an incredibly skewed male-to-female ratio. As a freshman, I struggled to adjust to a new country and culture. The long journey to finding my voice became suddenly smoother with the help of my mentor in the Women in Engineering Program. As a junior, I returned the favor and guided incoming women engineers personally and professionally.

Joining VMware, my goal was to meet people across functions and better understand the company and its culture through those interactions. This goal was advanced by the Women Connecting Women program, which partners each female new hire with a successful female mentor. These mentors volunteer for the opportunity, so they are surely dedicated to inspire and develop the next generation of female professionals. My WCW mentor, Mimi Hills, identified my goal and was proactive in introducing me to the right people and helping grow my network. In addition, I always felt comfortable reaching out to her with both personal and professional issues. My VMware experience would not be the same without my WCW mentor, Mimi.

Prachi Goyal and her mentorThis blog post would be incomplete without mentioning my other VMware mentor – Behrooz Samin. He helped shape my project, and even invested as much time and effort into the project as me. He made sure he was there to help me whenever I hit a roadblock or needed to brainstorm over a challenge. Big thanks to him for dialing in from Hawaii for my final presentation!

I consider myself fortunate to have such supportive mentors at VMware. The mentors provide me with ability to network from day one, and set me up for success. I definitely learned a lot from their mentorship styles and will be able to support my mentees even better when I return to school. I’m sure my journey with Mimi and Behrooz will not end with this internship, but instead will be a guiding force in the next steps of my career!

–Prachi Goyal

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