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Are You Inspired to be a Fearless Leader?

At VMware, we celebrate our people who come from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. By embracing diversity and fostering a culture where talented people feel empowered to bring their full selves to work and thrive, we have conceived new innovative ideas, achieved better business results, and revolutionized information technology – together as a team.20130887 VMware073 Fearless Leader Student Summit Logo_FINAL

VMware is committed to diversity and inclusion. One of the ways we express this is by providing resources and support for women in technology, empowering them to grow into senior business and technical leadership roles.

We’re excited to announce the inaugural VMware Fearless Leader Student Summit on August 13-14, 2015 at VMware Headquarters in Palo Alto, California. Thirty female students in Computer Science and Engineering who are passionate about making the impossible, possible will be invited for an all-expenses paid, exclusive two-day event to learn valuable leadership skills and connect with luminaries from across the technology industry.

Are you inspired to be a Fearless Leader? Submit your resume via email to universityrecruiting@vmware.com to apply for the 2015 VMware Fearless Leader Student Summit. A member of our University Recruiting team will reach out to you within 72 hours if you’re handpicked for this exciting opportunity.



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Learn, Engage, and Play with the VMware Community on HackerRank

Today marks an exciting milestone for our engineering teams at VMware. Monday, June 15 is day 1 for our new external engineer focused community on the HackerRank platform. VMware and HackerRank are teaming up to present a truly awesome set of experiences designed to teach, learn from, interact with and challenge software engineers who are curious about all facets of what makes VMware a great workplace.Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.36.31 AM (2)

If you’ve ever wondered what kinds of work our engineers do or were curious about some of the amazing engineering luminaries working on transformative technology in the Software-Defined Data Center, the Hybrid Cloud, Virtual Storage or the Virtual Network, this is your chance to come see for yourself and interact via coding.

Using the HackerRank platform some of VMware’s most venerated engineers, true luminaries in their respective fields, have created a community to share with you everything they love about working here. You’ll find information about culture, a host of benefits and bios but most importantly you’ll find engineers and coding.

Our luminary engineers have worked to create a series of technical challenges for you to solve and a place for you to come and engage and interact directly with them in a format that is uniquely VMware. Our engineers wanted to give you a small glimpse into their world through some wickedly complex algorithmic challenges they’ve created. These challenges will allow you to try your abilities, knowledge and creativity and most importantly serve as simple representations of the kind of cool work we do in our engineering teams.

Best of all, anyone who visits our community will have the chance to chat with the actual VMware luminary who created each unique challenge and learn directly from the creators how each challenge relates to their work at VMware and why our product and our customers mean so much to them. Our luminaries will actually solve their own challenge live on the community home page and answer chat questions in real time from anyone in the community.

As you solve multiple challenges and interact with VMware luminary engineers you’ll also be able to chart your personal progress on a community leaderboard that tracks your cumulative scores across all VMware challenges. It all starts today with a coding challenge created by our very own luminary engineer, Ben Pfaff. This will truly be an opportunity to learn, engage and play. So, are you ready to code with VMware R&D?

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!



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