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VMware Recruiter Insights: 3 Company Features You Should Consider When Looking For a New Job

Alan Peppard hires white rgbMy Journey to VMware

I write this coming to the end of my very first month working at VMware (I still feel like a newbie, but less and less with each day that passes). Many people can experience stress and worry when moving into a new working environment. However I’m happy to report that my first four weeks at VMware have been challenging, invigorating and exciting!

My role as a Candidate Development Recruiter means that I am responsible for sourcing the very best talent that the market has to offer in our SEMEA (Southern Europe, Middle East & Africa) region. I sit with my colleagues on the Global Talent Acquisition team in the HR organization, a group that can only be described as a hive of activity. There is a constant buzzing of conversations with prospective VMware employees from all corners of the globe.

So you might be asking yourself, what enticed me to join this organization and have my expectations lived up to reality?

To answer this question I am going to focus on the three primary reasons that made my decision to work at VMware quite easy; the people, the training/onboarding program and the future of the company.Campus Photo

The People: As a Recruiter, I paid very close attention to how I was engaged with throughout the recruitment process at VMware. From the very first contact right through to my job offer, I can say that I was met with a level of knowledge & professionalism that made me want to work at VMware. After four weeks on the job, I haven’t been disappointed. Everyone that I have encountered has a sense of enthusiasm in what they are doing and there is a strong sense of pride in VMware, which is very easy to buy into. The atmosphere is positive, not only in our department, but among the Cork campus as a whole, which makes for an enjoyable work environment.

The Training/Onboarding: On my first day at VMware, I was presented with my training program that covered the many facets of my role, such as advanced social media, compliance & recruitment process, and the opportunity to job shadow my other team members. It was a well-balanced program designed to get me up to speed in an efficient manner. Obviously, there’s still a learning curve, but I certainly know a lot more now than I did four weeks ago. There is also the impending prospect of becoming a VMware Sales Professional (VSP) – our accreditation which provides an in-depth understanding of VMware’s suite of products. The VSP certification is an exciting prospect as it will further reinforce my understanding of VMware’s diverse portfolio of products.

The Company’s Future: VMware has always been a dynamic and forward thinking organization. Think about it this way – the company is only 17 years old and already has 18,000 employees world-wide (phenomenal growth in my opinion). Nobody can accurately predict the future, however VMware has seen steady growth in the vCloud Air business and the exciting prospects of our SDDC  (Software-defined Data Center) are sure to lead the way to sustained growth.

Reality often turns out to be profoundly different from expectation, but when you pinpoint what is important for you, make sure you pay attention to it. I’ve learned that the people I surrounded myself with, the opportunity to learn, and being a part of what’s next is important for me. This makes me excited for what’s to come, and right now I know I’m happy to be a part of the community of people here at VMware and the opportunity it provides me to grow as an individual.




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Meet Sanchit Gupta, VMware Intern and Student at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

As a global company, VMware knows the power of building meaningful connections. By networking and working together, our people are able to drive change for VMware, the community, and each other. Connect with 2014 VMware intern, Sanchit Gupta, and hear how a conversation on social media sparked an opportunity to pursue new experiences.


Sanchit's PictureName: Sanchit Gupta

Role at VMware: 2014 VMware Intern on the VMkernel team

University: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Pursuing Interests & Passions

I am now finishing my computer engineering degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. However, I didn’t start off as a computer engineering major; I initially joined the university as an electrical engineering major. When I was pursuing an electrical engineering degree, my coursework included electronic circuits, signal processing, semiconductor physics, E&M, and other similar classes. I took some computer science courses on the side as well. The class that really pushed me to what I am pursuing right now was the Systems and OS course. This class introduced me to the internal workings of a modern Operating System and I even got to write my own kernel from scratch! This class helped me clear the interviews for the VMware kernel team. I really enjoy working on systems and followed up with courses in advanced distributed systems, networks, and real time systems. I am now doing research work in distributed systems, specifically large scale cluster scheduling.Fuel_For_Finals

Landing a VMware Internship through Social Media

Social media is a great tool for students to connect with university recruiting teams across the industry. In just a few short clicks, students can connect with a large number of recruiters in the social space. This empowers students to connect with teams and companies beyond the ones that show up for career fairs on campus. Moreover, it allows for an informal conversation between the student and the recruiting teams. Finally, using websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Piazza enable students to create their professional brand online, which is key in the job search process.

Facebook actually helped me land my internship at VMware. One day, I wrote a message to the VMware University Relations team explaining my past experiences and my interest in kernel work. I got a reply from a member of their team within a day. It was the fastest response time I ‘ve seen so far from a recruiter in the social space. I was then set up with a series of interviews with the VMware kernel team, and as they say, the rest was history.

An Insider’s Look as a VMware Intern Prodigy

Angel Island 2The VIP (VMware Intern Prodigy) student ambassador program is a great way for students to connect with former VMware interns to get an inside look at VMware, its culture, and the experiences they made while on campus. A lot of the times students miss on the opportunity of meeting and interacting with a company’s engineers and representatives just because the company isn’t active on their campus. VMware’s VIP Program helps bridge this gap by conducting fun activities like Fuel for Finals, coding competitions, VMware Tech Talks, and more on campus at various universities. This program was a great way for me to give back – like sharing some of my favorite memories, including the trip to Angel Island in San Francisco, where the 2014 VMware Palo Alto Intern Class and I had the opportunity to enjoy loads of games, island hiking, and food & drinks, while making new connections with my peers on campus at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

Advice to Students Looking for an Internship

There are two factors that play a key role in landing a great internship:

1)    Networking– Interacting with new people helps create more opportunities for an individual

2)    Experience – Hones a person’s skills and makes them a better problem solver

Being active on social media, attending career fairs and information sessions, meeting recruiters, and connecting with peers are all great ways of networking. Students should take part in various industry-sponsored events, such as hackathons and coding challenges to meet various company representatives and engineers. Also, participating in activities with student-led organizations (like ACM and IEEE) helps students to connect with their fellow peers.

The best advice for gaining more experience and increasing a person’s knowledge base is to take classes that appeal to them, work on projects, and take part in research. Learning from professors, who usually are the best in their fields, exposes you to new and cutting edge work being done in the field. Working on research and co-curricular projects sharpens your problem solving skills and makes a person more hands on.

Meet VMware Sr. Manager, NSBU Nauman Mustafa

At VMware, students and recent university graduates are empowered to make an immediate impact on projects that are disrupting information technology as we know it. Connect with Senior Manager of the Solutions Architect Group – Networking & Security Business Unit (NSBU), Nauman Mustafa, and learn what fuels his drive to innovate and how he and his teammates are investing in future innovators.


nauman-headshotName: Nauman Mustafa

Role: Sr. Manager of the Solutions Architect Group – Networking & Security Business Unit

Office Location: Palo Alto, California

Years at VMware: 2

Favorite innovation: NSX


What is a typical day like for you and your team at VMware?

One of the most exciting things about working on the VMware NSBU (Networking & Security Business Unit) is that every day brings new opportunities to incubate fresh ideas and solve interesting problems for VMware users. To do this, we work on NSX architecture and design in the ream of the SDDC (Software-Defined Data Center), while also overseeing escalation support and enablement for customers and field teams. By working directly with customers, we’re able to provide immediate feedback and product improvement suggestions to our product team.

What fuels your passion in the technology space? 

The biggest reward that fuels my passion is the success of VMware customers and the enthusiasm they demonstrate when technological improvements create stronger business agility for their organization. Innovation requires ambitious customers and users who are looking to continuously improve and evolve the way business is done. VMware provides a unique fast paced environment that empowers engineers to nurture ideas and transform them from a vision to reality all while transforming the way businesses do work.

What innovation projects are you excited to see evolve?

Networking and Security was my passion when I started my career 14 years ago, but I exhausted it to the limits with traditional approaches. After joining the VMware Networking & Security team, I have been able to relive my passion by taking a software approach to solving infrastructure problems. The experience has been priceless.

As part of the NSBU, my teammates and I are working to make our flagship product, the NSX platform, even more exciting. Our strategy is to make NSX rock solid and provide features at scale that will not only bring innovation to the tech industry, but also create business efficiency for our customers.

I hope to see several Networking/Security related inventions come to life, including data analytics to intelligently optimize the Cloud/Data Center environments and simple yet powerful ways to connect Data Center and remote branch offices.

How does VMware empower you to grow both professionally and personally?

Two years ago, my then manager convinced me to pursue a role in NSBU, and stated that one year of work at VMware would be more transformative for my career than several years of continuation at my former employer. He was absolutely correct, and I am thankful for this opportunity as it has allowed me to work on transformative products and technologies, while also empowering me to lead specialized projects, incubate new ideas, and speed up development of existing products portfolio.

Why are University Relations (interns and recent graduates) important for NSBU efforts at VMware?

Recently I collaborated with the VMware University Relations team to assist with the NC State University Career Fair and Tech Interview Workshops focused on Networking and Security. As expected, it was a huge success and the turn out was tremendous.

It is extremely important for NSBU to keep a healthy connection with of interns and recent graduates as the NSBU’s fast paced and dynamic environment requires self-motivated individuals with fresh ideas, drive, and enthusiasm . These individuals are long-term assets with high levels of innovation and can quickly adapt to rapid changes while being agile. NSBU has embarked on a transformational journey and fresh grads will bring tremendous value in shaping the future of networking and security industry.

Share some of the biggest lessons that you have learned as an engineer that you would like to impart on others starting their careers in the technology space.

Being an Engineer can be very rewarding and satisfying if you enjoy the area you work in and build things that brings real value. This can happen if you keep the following in mind:

  • Think outside the box and challenge the status quo. Ask the “why” question as it continuously forces you to re-examine your approaches and bring new ideas to life.
  • Stay close to your users and customers as they give you their perspective on what really matters most to be successful.
  • Build and innovate products and solutions that solve your customers’ business problems.
  • Be creative and enjoy your job everyday as it not only brings the best out of you, but also allows you to keep a healthy work-life balance in long run.



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Meet VMware Member of Technical Staff, Preeti Agarwal

At VMware, we believe people should be able to bring their “whole selves” and have meaningful ways to connect with their work while developing personally as individuals. Meet VMware Member of Technical Staff, Preeti Agarwal, and hear how her decision to move across the world to explore new opportunities at VMware is empowering her to grow and make an impact in the community.


Preeti_Agarwal_HeadshotName: Preeti Agarwal

Role: Senior Member of Technical Staff

Office Location: Palo Alto, California

Years at VMware: 3


Give a glimpse at a day for you and your team at VMware.

I work on VMware’s kernel, ESX’s Resource (Memory) Management layer, which is part of the vSphere Group. My teammates and I work on defining and developing features like sharing memory across virtual machines, continuously making vSphere more scalable, and improving the performance. Along with this, we are involved with fixing any known issues on the upcoming vSphere releases.diwali-preeti1

A majority of our day is usually spent working on features, defect fixes and doing peer reviews. Reviews are not restricted to one team, they are sent out to a broader kernel group and anyone can review them and gain more insight into the product to know what’s happening. We also work in close collaboration with other teams like the Monitor, vMotion, Platform Infrastructure, and DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler), since most of the features span multiple project boundaries. We have regular weekly staff meetings within our immediate team, as well as other teams to discuss the future direction of VMware’s technology and any technical issues that might cross project boundaries. If we need a quick resolution to a problem, or just need to discuss an idea with someone, we can easily drop by each other’s offices to get things done.

Can you share what the community at VMware means to you?

In 2011, I was working in India and was ready for a change. I began looking for opportunities in the Bay Area, and came upon a role at VMware. The “just do it” attitude of the extremely talented folks here has made me believe that anything is possible. My teammates have helped me to challenge myself both professionally and personally as an individual. Several programs and initiatives in place at VMware, including the VMware Foundation, VMwomen and the Diwali Celebration, have also provided a platform for me to grow.diwali-preeti4

Through the VMware Foundation, which empowers employees with 40-paid hours each year to give back to the community, I have made small contributions by serving and helping clean up the San Francisco Bay and volunteering at Hidden Villa Farm. A phrase that made a good impression on my mind from Hidden Villa was, “We do not own any place, we simply take care of it.” Working in nature at the grass roots level made me realize that hard work in the soil can be personally satisfying while also beneficial to the wider community.

VMwomen, a business-led initiative that is working to create a more diverse and inclusive work environment at VMware, has empowered me to connect with fellow women colleagues across the company, hear how women leaders have successfully navigated their careers, and discuss the challenges specific to women in the technology world. Through VMwomen and the support of my manager, I was able to achieve a dream of mine by attending the 2014 Grace Hopper Conference. A memorable moment from the conference was my conversation with Dr. Durdana Habib, a Grace Hopper ABIE Award Winner. When asked how ones actions can inspire someone to make a difference, Habib shared that you should always show the person what they can achieve and this will drive them towards the goal. Habib’s advice has shaped how I work to inspire future leaders at VMware.

Later in 2014, my colleague, Divya Ranganathan Gud and I received the opportunity to co-lead the VMware Diwali celebration on campus at VMware headquarters. Since 2008, this employee-led event has been one of the most colorful days of the year at VMware. As a co-lead, my role was to help plan and organize the event, which included creating the program schedule and seeking employee participation in the dancing, singing, table scaping, Diya making, and Mehndi (hand decoration) art. Helping plan this event was a very reward experience for me. I made friends from across the company and realized that our people are what make celebrations like this at VMware so successful. By aligning people’s passions and skills with specific tasks, we were able to carry the workload of hundreds of people.

Overall joining VMware has been a very enriching move for me. I have found myself growing leaps and bounds both personally and professionally, and have been able to challenge myself and grow further than the original boundaries that I had set for myself as an individual. I am thankful to VMware for empowering me with wonderful opportunities to grow as an individual and celebrate milestones with members of our community.

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VMware Academic Program Announces 2015 Graduate Fellowships

Established in early 2000, the VMware Academic Program (VMAP) drives faculty-led research in a variety of areas such as Machine Learning, Security, and Big Data. To date, VMAP has supported research on university campuses across the United States, Canada, China and the United Kingdom. Empowering the student community to innovate and grow is an important element of VMAP’s mission. To support this commitment for future researchers and innovators, VMAP established the VMware Graduate Fellowship. Through this initiative, top students have later joined our employee community as VMware interns and have made a significant impact on our engineering community.VMware_Academic_Program_logo

On behalf of the VMAP team, I am proud to share that we have awarded the 2015-2016 Graduate Fellowships to three outstanding students, Tudor David from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Soudeh Ghorbani from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Seyed K. Fayaz from Carnegie Mellon University. The Graduate Fellowships initiative personally means a lot to me as it highlights VMware’s commitment to nurturing a new generation of researchers and technologists. These students bring new perspectives and ideas. In an industry such as high tech, creativity and the courage to pursue new directions is a crucial ingredient to moving engineering methods and technologies forward.

Join me in congratulating Tudor, Seyed and Soudeh, and hear what the VMware Graduate Fellowship means to these Game-Changers.

tudor-david-photo “Being awarded a VMware graduate fellowship represents both a validation of the research direction I am pursuing, as well as an opportunity allowing me to continue to work along this research path. “ – Tudor David, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne



Ghorbani“Winning this recognition and award from VMware, the current leader in virtualization, empowers me to fully pursue my interests in virtualization and SDN research. It will also give me a great opportunity to jump-start my career. “ -Soudeh Ghorbani, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



seyed“These are exciting times for computer networks researchers owing to game changers such as Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV). This gift not only helps fund my research on new opportunities enabled by SDN and NFV, but also it allows me to collaborate with VMware’s pioneering practitioners in these areas.” -Seyed K. Fayez, Carnegie Mellon University


VMware Innovator: Chih Chi Hu

At VMware, our innovation culture is fueled by the passion from our people to continuously innovate and grow.

In this month’s edition of VMware’s Innovation Series, the VMware Careers team connected with Member of Technical Staff, Chih Chi Hu, to learn more about her journey from student to new college graduate at VMware. From the computer games that sparked her love of all things tech as a child, to the people that inspire her to innovate each day on the VMware Disaster Recovery team, hear how she is driven to make her own mark in information technology and help customers achieve their business needs.

Inspired by Chih’s story to define what’s next for your own career? Visit VMware’s company blog, Tribal Knowledge, to learn more about how the WiReD Speaker Series – part of the VMwomen Program –  is empowering Chih to create meaningful change for herself and the wider community at VMware.



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