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Building Meaningful Connections Sparks Growth at VMware Costa Rica

Taking the time to appreciate the little things in life is important for our people at VMware. Connect with Senior Financial Analyst, Oscar Barzuna, and see how building meaningful connections empowers VMware, its customers, and the community to thrive at VMware Costa Rica.


Figu.2 (1)Name: Oscar Barzuna

Role: Senior Financial Analyst

Office Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

Years at VMware: 18 months


What inspired you to pursue a career in Finance?

Numbers have come easy to me since I was young and overall, business inspired me to pursue a career in Finance. I obtained a degree in Accounting, and it was after working in the field that I looked into pursuing a role in Finance as I saw an opportunity to practice accounting while also being able to make decisions and help others accomplish their financial goals. VMware is positioned within a very exciting place in the technology market, and since our site is relatively new in Costa Rica, there has been a lot of buzz around what we do and how we’re transforming how businesses work, which is an exciting thing to be a part of in my opinion.

Can you share what a typical day is like for you in your role at VMware?

Every morning involves coming into the office to friendly smiles and ‘hellos’ from coworkers, enjoying the smells of fresh coffee, and kick starting the day with Excel projects, numbers, and reports to review or send out.10662115_754890041224935_7832806078863440533_o

Which of VMware’s shared values (execution, passion, integrity, customers and community) resonates the most with you? Why?

I would say Execution and Community. Execution because it’s what I do every day in my current role within Finance, and Community because VMware Costa Rica has built a thriving community by weaving our two other values, Passion and Integrity, into everything we do each day. A great example of this is our recent celebration of our two-year office site anniversary, which included a party with food, drinks, and music, and video project that captures why our people love working at VMware Costa Rica (watch the video here).

What are you looking forward to in the New Year at VMware?

Growth, it’s what we all talk about in the office. VMware Costa Rica has been growing on a consistent basis, and it’s because of this that we’re lucky to welcome new coworkers to our site pretty regularly. It’s exciting to show them around and welcome them to our culture. Our strong employee community allows us to continue to succeed and grow.

Share a favorite story or example that illustrates life at VMware Costa Rica. 

I would have to say enjoying time over some coffee with coworkers that sit in teams outside of Finance. It’s rewarding to see how much in common we have even though we sit on different teams. Taking time to connect over coffee is one way that we build our community in Costa Rica – it definitely exemplifies ‘Pura Vida’ for us. Stopping to enjoy the little things like laughter and sharing happy moments is what makes our community unique at VMware Costa Rica.



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Technical University of Sofia Graduate Thrives as a Member of Technical Staff Intern at VMware

At VMware, our student interns are empowered with the resources and tools to thrive while innovating what’s next for themselves and the information technology community. Connect with Mariela Kasovska, 2014 Technical University of Sofia graduate and MTS intern at VMware Bulgaria, and learn how her own inner drive to solve tough technological constraints combined with the encouragement of others inspires her to pursue her dream job.


Mariela_Kasovska_1Name: Mariela Kasovska

Role: MTS (Member of Technical Staff) Intern

Office Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

University: Technical University of Sofia

Twitter handle: @marielakas

Who or what influenced your decision to study computer science in university and pursue a career in the field? Why are you passionate about this field?

Since I was a youngster, foreign languages have always been my passion. Therefore, I originally thought that my higher education and future job would be somehow connected to Philology. Contrary to my expectations, I began to discover an interest in applied sciences. My mother, who is a software developer, encouraged me to take some additional classes in mathematics and computer science. From where I am standing now, I can’t thank her enough for pointing me in the right direction. I remember how fulfilled I felt when I solved a trivial programming task in Pascal for the first time. Everyone should feel that way in his or her workplace, right? From these experiences, I decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree at the Technical University of Sofia, where I majored in Computer Systems and Technologies. The fundamental knowledge that I obtained while in university, as well as the practical skills that I developed in additional programming courses, convinced me that being a software developer was my dream job. Studying modern technologies, creating something new, and constantly facing interesting problems is what excites me and motivates me to bring my best to work each day.

What has empowered you to be successful in your technical studies?

In my opinion, many students have adjustment issues when first starting their higher education. The fact that they’re entering a different stage of their lives is stressful and a little bit scary (or at least it was for me). The motivation of pursuing what I love helped me overcome these issues and succeed in my studies. Additionally, time management skills and good study habits, which I don’t think are inborn traits but developed over time, were a key factor in my success. Moreover, self-discipline, self-confidence, and a positive attitude also played a huge role in my growth. Last, but not least, I made time to have fun and discover hobbies outside of programming to participate in so that I could clear my head and rest from studying from time to time.

You’re currently interning as a Member of Technical Staff here at VMware. Can you tell us a little bit about the project you’re working on and what it has been like collaborating with the R&D team in Sofia?Mariela_Kasovska_2

The project that I am working on with my mentor and another intern has been interesting and innovative. We are developing an exploratory next generation user interface for vSphere – VMware’s virtualization platform. Our goal is to experiment with new technologies such as the ECMAScript 6 standard, modern libraries like Facebook’s React.js and the Node.js platform in order to build a lightweight user interface application.

Collaborating with the VMware R&D team has been a wonderful and really useful experience. My colleagues, especially my mentor, have always helped me and shared their knowledge with me when I needed a hand. My internship at VMware is actually my first job, so if it weren’t for my teammates here at VMware, it would have be hard for me to adapt to the workflow and the new environment. I am glad that VMware gave me the opportunity to be a part of such a great team of professionals who are so patient and cooperative. Besides working together, we also enjoy getting to know one another better over lunch or other fun activities, which has made fitting in even easier.

Share a fun VMware memory. Why does this memory stick out to you as being fun?

A month ago, the Career Days event took place at the Technical University of Sofia, where leading companies from different fields presented in front of the students future internship and job opportunities. I had the chance to volunteer and share my internship experiences with students at VMware’s booth. It was a fun experience because I got to connect with a variety of people who had interesting questions about VMware, my role, and how I pursued a career in information technology. It was great to see how many young women were interested in pursuing careers as a software developer, which was not the case a few years ago when I was still in school. Since there are currently more men working in the technology space, a lot of the female students had questions around how it was like to navigate a career in the tech space as a woman. It made me happy to see that my personal experiences were having a direct impact in shaping female students decisions to pursue internships and jobs at technology companies.

What advice would you share with students looking to pursue a career in information technology?

After talking to students at the Career Days event, I noticed that most of them, who had the right education and wanted to pursue a career in the IT sector were scared to go to a job or internship interview. The most common answer I got when asking them where this fear comes from was that they wouldn’t be able to answer the interview questions because the companies’ expectations were too high. Well, of course they are, as they should be, especially when we are talking about a leading company like VMware. My advice to the students who are interested in a career in IT is to study hard, aim high, and believe in yourself because even the best software developers were students at one point in time.

What are you looking forward to in the New Year for information technology?

I am thrilled to see how Cloud Computing will evolve the next year in terms of using an application simultaneously on multiple devices. Additionally, since smart TVs and wearable tech such as glasses and watches, are becoming even more popular, I am excited to see how these developments will influence Web design in 2015 and beyond.


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VMware’s Shared Values Connect a Community

At VMware, our EPIC2 values (Execution, Passion, Integrity, Customers, Community) reflect who we are and why we are here, to disrupt information technology while shaping the course of what’s next for our community. Our inaugural EPIC2 Achievement Award recognizes people who exemplify all of our shared values in an extraordinary way. Recipients are chosen by our Executive team once a year and celebrated at our company all hands meeting. 

Connect with Milin Desai, Senior Director of Networking & Security Business Unit, Marketing, and one of four employee recipients of VMware’s EPIC2 Achievement Awards as he shares why values matter at work.


Milin_Desai_HeadshotName: Milin Desai

Role: Senior Director, Networking & Security Business Unit, Marketing

Office Location: Palo Alto, California

Years at VMware: 4


Milin Desai and his team delivered one of the single most powerful demonstrations of VMware technology with VMware President and Chief Operating Officer, Carl Eschenbach‘s keynote demo at VMworld 2013. Through Milin’s positive attitude, passion, and selfless work ethic, he and his team helped transform how VMware shares its corporate story. With Milin, it’s all about the integrity of the outcome, the impact, the result… and the value of contribution. When asked why values matter at work Milin shared, “Values represent how we interact with each other internally and with the outside world as an organization. Values represent our guiding principles, they set the tone for our conduct, culture, and what we believe in as a team.”

As we close out our 2014 EPIC2 Achievement Award series, we would love to hear more about how values shape your journey. Feel free to leave a comment under this post and let us know what your values mean to you.​


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